The spiritual plane intertwines within you, through and through...

Friday, December 23, 2022

From With Love in the Oneness

Chapter 81 

A book from Jesus could never be a book fully about sin, death, crucifixion, or sorrow there. I would not want to take up your time in giving these words if all I focussed on were these topics. I am not in the mind of this woman for the sake of condemning you or pointing a finger of guilt at you ever. My message is not one of addressing a world of sinners there, for I see you not as that. I see you not as prisoners of the flesh, nor as prone to greed, nor filled with self glorification there. 

I view you and know you as my brothers and sisters, who are spiritual beings, fully perfect, whole, and free, as held in the mind of Father/Mother God, Universal Mind, but now living in a world of separation as you have been brought into the illusions of the three dimensional world. You are blameless in my sight and are in need of correction and education and brought forth out of the ignorance of your separated, your ego mindset. 

This book is a book of education, clarification, and enlightenment about your condition and about what is there for you as you do so open up to spiritual guidance within. It is a book that tells you that I am directly available to you, and not oft in a plane of existence unbeknown to you and unreachable and foreign to you. 

You must come to realize that the spiritual plane intertwines within you through and through. It is, shall we say, spiritual energy vibrating at an accelerated rate in which the physical dimension is there, vibrating at a lower rate. Now your enlightenment, your full awaking is opening up to this spiritual dimension and experiencing the living love that is the nature of your Source. It is allowing the transforming energy of living love to move fully in and through you there as One with it. 

It is letting go of separation and the idea that you are somehow different from your Source. This is not so, dear one, this is not so. You are One with your Source and with the Entirety, there. Let this chapter move you forward to read on. So much more for you to discover! 

My Life on Earth was Given

What e’er that you’re involved in,

What e’er the task at hand,

Call on Me to join you, 

And let your Mind expand. 

Let go of limitation,

Habituated mind, 

Open to God’s will for you, 

His newness, you will find.

I’ll guide you to the answer,  

Your problem will be solved, 

What seemed an impossibility, 

Now will be resolved.

A Mind joined with its Maker,

Filled with living love

Heals, redeems, renews, transforms,

It’s what we’re all made of. 

God’s meaning fills creation, 

No one, no thing left out,

Living love’s God’s purpose,

It’s what life’s all about.

My life on earth was given,

To teach, to show, to heal, 

My mission, still alive now

I’m there for you, so real. 

I can only guide you,

If you turn within to Me, 

I can’t impose on your free will,

You must ask, willingly. 

A relationship of magnificence,  

I have in store what’s true,

A love that knows no ending, 

I am One with you. 

I offer My love to you, 

Transcendence you will find,

Your Truth, your Originality,

The Oneness of God’s Mind. 

“Let not your heart be troubled,

Believe in God, in Me,” 

I voice these words in now time, 

Together, in peace, are we. 

In closing let Me tell you, 

I love you, you’re My Own, 

I am with you always,

You are not alone! 


12/23/22. Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged, and thank you for telling others about the website.