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Monday, December 5, 2022

From With Love in the Oneness

Chapter 68 

Our mission is not impossible, but it will take commitment and effort to accomplish. It will take steady focus and coming back again and again to guidance for next steps. It will take forgoing what could be called common pleasures or entertainment and common activities that take up so much of your time. 

Because of the immensity of the contribution you are making and that you have come to know as of such importance for humankind, you will gladly give up these things and ways of being. It will not be felt as a sacrifice, nor as a limitation, but will feel exhilarating in its scope and breadth. The words that you put on paper for others to read have the full force and veracity of the spiritual dimension, of me, behind them. They are words and ideas that have the capacity for changing perception as readers open to them. 

Those who have taken the time to read these words and have found them of interest are the ones who will benefit most from them. They have the open and curious mindsets that are necessary for the full blossoming of these idea to come forth. They are the ones for whom these words are written, and for whom this mission is meant. 

We cannot say if the impact in the immediate future will be great, but we can tell you that it is carried with all the engines, the keys of manifestation working in full force. The scribe has the greatest intention to this mission and trusts that it is where her efforts should be. She is listening always to spiritual guidance and knows that this mission is fulfilling divine purpose. With the power of living love at work, the gift will be given without a doubt. 

I will be with her throughout the lifetime that it will take to give this gift. It is a noble undertaking and worthy of sharing with the rest of the planet there. As she takes her last breath, she will be happy and at peace with her contribution and what it has meant to others, to the Oneness. She will be happy and at peace and she will be welcomed home with great jubilation. I love her dearly and tell her this often as she is one who needs this validation frequently. I love you all, and can tell you with truth, you are never alone. 

Focus On Your Mission

Focus on your mission,

Keep it forefront in your mind,

Make it what’s most important,

God’s movement there, you’ll find. 

Your mission is to be, there,

A constant point of light,

Where living love shines through, dear,

To help heal mankind’s plight. 

Your mission’s why you came there, 

And gladly you agreed,

To tell the world I’m right within,

To answer every need. 

Don’t let what’s superficial,

What’s just illusion’s spree, 

Derail you from your mission, 

Stay joined, in mind, with Me.

I can’t express enough there,

How needed to be heard,

The message of our Oneness, 

The importance of this Word. 

You see, so many hurt there,

Feel alone, without a friend, 

Questioning why they’re living,

Should they bring life to an end.

They need to know I love them,

That I’m directly there, 

To guide them, to be with them,

 To show I really care.

You have a part to play, dear,

I’m counting on you to give,

What you know to be true, dear,

So others want to live. 

I’ll show you when and how, dear,

Listen close to Me,

Together now and ever,

Our sacred destiny.


12/05/22 Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged and thank you for telling others of this website.