Together, we will find the best way forward...

Monday, December 26, 2022

From With Love in the Oneness

Chapter 83 

Let us not dwell on life choices not made, or what could have been. The path you chose had all that was necessary for you to bring to bear God’s will and His way for you. Wherever you are in your journey through life, there is opportunity to join within to Me and to be the place where God’s meaning can come through as you. 

So you learn that at any choice point, the way forward will be given to you, and as you follow, your fulfillment will be there. You will feel into the rightness of the movement and will not second guess what you are involved with. You will know that you are not just filling up the time with something to keep you busy, but that there is purpose in what you are doing. 

To know you have lived life with purpose and that what has unfolded has been a journey with Me, takes away the emptiness and barrenness of a life lived without the foundational underpinnings of your spiritual heritage, there. Our life of communication together, has given you that relationship that takes away the loneliness of a life lived from separation. 

I am not saying that there will be no suffering, nor mishaps, nor roadblocks that you must hurdle, but I am saying that together, we will face what is there, and together, we will find the best way forward for you — the mindset that will be filled with God’s love for you, and as you, there. 

As you come to know me well, and you will as you do so engage with Me, you will not want to go it alone ever. Your first response in any situation will be to turn inward to me and ask, “Lord what should I do here? Give me the answer to what is unfolding and bring me forward to your truth, Lord.” Humbly, and with the greatest sincerity you ask, for you know that what comes forth will be out of the greatest love and care for you. 

I am not keeping score on your behavior and I do not hold grudges, nor do I strategize for what’s in it for me. I am not into relationship game playing, dear one, ever. This is not the way of love and it is not the way of our Source. I see what you are needing and what you are asking for and what is appropriate and in your best interest always. Wisdom and divine intelligence and living love lead the way, always. I see the big picture of things. My guidance may seem puzzling to you at the time, but it will prove to be the best guidance you could ever have. Listen and follow, dear one, listen and follow. 

The Invitation

I am right there within you,

In mind, I can be found,

Open now to Me, dear,

For we are deeply bound.

We move together, always,

If joining you do choose,

Alone no more, forever,

Unless you do refuse,

To open up to Me, there,

To let in your Best Friend,

To know of love’s great presence,

A love that knows no end. 

This is an invitation,

An earnest plea — request,

To find The Great Relationship,

The Friend who knows you best.

We’re intertwined together,

As One, our hearts are bound,

We rapture in God’s meaning,

Where living love is found. 

You need but find your peace, there,

Quiet your thinking mind,

Open and invite Me in, 

And here is what you’ll find. 

You’ll find a Friend forever, 

Who’ll guide you, love you, care,

Who judges not, but sees you,

As sister, brother, there. 

My invitation’s issued,

Please open up to Me,

We’ll be as One forever,

With Source, our Family.  


12/26/22. Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged, and thank you for telling others of this website.