Your Authentic Self

Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Your Authentic Self

Are you pulled in all directions?

Your head feels in a spin? 

Activities abounding?

Hard to focus? Turn within!

The season and its merriment, 

Though fun and filled with cheer,

Rings empty if you’re not in touch,

With your Transcendence, dear.

You see, it’s in our joining, 

Your authentic self rings true,

Without that, ego plays its hand,

And dissonance comes through.

Judging others, taking sides,

You feel your mind ajar, 

Let go of this imposter, 

Return to whom you are! 

You’re One with your Creator,

Intertwined are we, 

A Child of God, forever,

His Own, authentically. 

It’s only in our joining,

That living love pours through,

Its function to transform and heal,  

Each moment feels brand new! 

So as you live your life, dear, 

Engage with others there,

Join with your authentic self, 

A gift for all to share.

The gift of love, that judges not,

Sees pure equality,

All others—sisters, brothers, there,

Are God’s Great Family. 

In closing, know I love you,

I judge not, see no wrong,

Let’s live each day in harmony,

Sing God’s authentic song! 

12/14/22. Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged and thank you for telling others of this website.