Your Mind's a Sanctuary

Sunday, December 11, 2022

Your Mind’s a Sanctuary

Your mind’s a sanctuary,

When joined as One with Me, 

A refuge place, a warm embrace,

Here lies your sanctity. 

Peace is necessary,

To enter in this place,

The static of the ego gone,

Now peace fills up its space.

Here, I’m gently waiting, 

For you to ask for Me,

You’ll know without a doubt, dear,

I’m with you, joyfully.  

’Twill be like coming home again,

Together we’ll abide,

With Source, we’ll move as One, dear, 

Love’s light will be our guide. 

A loving sanctuary,

Transcendence holy site,

Where God, as One, moves through you,

His love sets all things right. 

So if you're lost or lonely,

And fear fills up your mind,

Let go of ego’s blathering, 

Ask for Me, you’ll find, 

A harbor, home, a respite,

Now gone are fear and fret, 

In loving sanctuary, 

With Me, your needs well met. 

Intwined as One forever,

Our purpose there will be, 

To live as God would have us, 

His will, our destiny.

In closing let Me tell you,

How deeply I love you,

My reassurance given,

That what’s said here is true! 

12/11/22. Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged and thank you for telling others of this website.