In Perpetuity

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

In Perpetuity

Life goes on forever,

In perpetuity, 

A movement of our Father,

His creativity. 

Life is filled with meaning,

It’s not an empty thing,

Love in all its glory,

God’s purpose, does it bring.

Life is never solo,

Alone, you couldn’t be, 

Entertwined completely, 

You’re joined with Source, with Me. 

You’re meant to shed God’s light, there,

To be His radiant star,  

Pouring forth His love, dear,

Right there  where you are. 

I’m here, your guide, your teacher, 

Your brother and your friend, 

Open up to Me, dear, 

Our love will never end. 

You see, you are eternal,

You’re spirit first, you see,

Held in God’s mind, His Child, 

You’re perfect, whole, and free. 

We’ll clear the dark miasma, 

What’s keeping you asleep,

You’ll wake to whom you are, dear,

This promise, I do keep. 

I love you now and always, 

This love, so well, you’ve known, 

We walk these days, together, 

Our joy, each day, has grown. 

In closing of this poem, dear,

Turn within to Me, 

Softly, I will hold you, 

In perpetuity. 

4/27/22. Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged, and thank you for telling others of this website.