The Point of Peace Within

Monday, April 25, 2022

The Point of Peace Within

Arriving at the point of peace,

Silence fills the air,

Anticipation heightens,

For I know, My Love, you’re there. 

You call my name so softly,

It’s you, My Lord, I hear,

Now we’re in connection, 

It’s home’s sweet atmosphere.

I relax and breathe so deeply,

A smile lights my face,

Your words so gently spoken,

Are felt as deep embrace.

Now in sanctuary,

Transcendence takes its place,

The Mind of Source pours forth there,

With wisdom, love, and grace.

Relationship unbounded,

Joined as One are we,

As One, we move together. 

In blissful harmony.

I witness to its presence

Within, that point of peace, 

It’s there for you to enter,

Isolation now will cease. 

Relationship with Jesus, 

There’s nothing can compare,

His love and gentle kindness, 

Always meets you there. 

Quiet your needless thinking, 

Worries, fears, let go,

Open to His love, dear,

Now life, with joy, will flow. 

In closing of these verses,

Ask Me to come through, 

I’m waiting with My love, dear, 

I’m waiting just for you. 

4/25/22 Given from Jesus, Sharing is encouraged, and thank you for telling others of this website.