True mental health will reign supreme...

Friday, April 22, 2022

From Something On Purpose ( full text freely available in books

Chapter 70 

What can be called heresy by some, as it seems to fly in the face of the norm there, must be put to the test of experience. Those who call the Voice for Truth heresy, must put to the test this magnificent gift, this relationship within. It is truly the one point that will be put under the microscope there, as it will challenge the very basis of what is considered heathy thought processes. It will be looked at as that which is off balance and that which accompanies those who are insane. 

How is it that something so wonderful can be viewed as that which is called psychosis, there? Well, the reason for this is that the ego mindset, the separated self, has often allowed itself to be reigned over by the cognitive function there, as it ushers in hatred and murderous ideas. It is truly as the joined perspective is allowed to be invited in, and as the Source of love becomes available, that this separated sense will diminish and be extinguished as the illusion that it is and as the nothingness that it is. It is truly as the Mind of Source is allowed to be experienced, that true mental health will reign supreme. 

It is truly only as one experiences this, that it can be known. No one can tell others about it, and no one can carry the load for another. It must be an individual experience and it must be invited in and embraced by the one who is willing, there. 

Now the time is right for you to let go of your thoughts and wanderings and to allow for a clear place to be experienced, there. It is time to allow for the peace of your being to be experienced. We would say to allow for this and to let in your willingness to hear. Ask, Are you there Father? Is my guidance there? You will be heard and you will be answered. 

Now will come the great connection and the great releasing of the mindset of separation, there. And in will come the Source of joy, peace, love, security, and the forward movement with you as the beneficiary, which in turn will benefit all. You are this love and you are this place of connection within. Let in and allow, for indeed, I am here to answer you. Never alone, truly, never, alone. 

The Action Plan is Choosing

How you live your life, there,

Is completely up to you,

You choose to live joined with Me,

Or let ego’s lies ensue. 

You choose to stay attuned there,

To listen to My Voice,

Or forsake your very truth, dear,

It truly is your choice. 

I’m not an idle bystander, 

Uninvolved, aloof, apart,

But I cannot nor I will not,

Dishonor your choice, your part. 

When I see that you are open,

Have asked Me to join you, 

I’ll let you know I’m here, dear,

My Presence, there, so true. 

It takes two to join together,

So when you join with Me,

You’re joining with Transcendent Mind, 

God’s Oneness, there, will be.

Now you’ve found your truth, dear, 

Your certain identity, 

You are God’s child, made Whole, dear,

You’re now, at home, with Me. 

You’ll find a love so mighty,

A Friendship that’s divine,

Living love will lead us,

It’s light, for us, will shine. 

You’ll know your path is certain, 

You walk not there alone, 

I am right beside you,

Such joy, you’ve never known. 

So choose for Me this day, dear, 

Together, we will find,

Fulfillment in each moment, 

God’s love, the tie that binds. 

The action plan is choosing, 

So find your peace within,  

Open to My Presence,

God’s will may now begin!  


4/22/22 Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged, and thank you for telling others about this website.