Welcome in a new you...

Friday, April 29, 2022

From Something On Purpose. ( full text found in books)

Chapter 38 

Move into a new you! What does this mean? A new you is a you renewed! A new you is a letting go of the old and bringing in what remains perpetually new. You see, you already are a vibratory being bringing in newness as your very fundamental nature. The Source brings in newness as a basic principal. Now you are a vibratory being of living love and this love is transformative in nature and is that which has as its very essence, renewal. You are a being brought into newness always, and therefore, cannot be that which dies. You see, you are an eternal being, dear one, and always have been. You are a direct inheritor of your Source and have that Source as your foundation there. All are of this Source and all have this energy of living love as the basis of who and what they are. 

This is such wonderful news and eradicates depression and staleness in life and reinvigorates and revitalizes on an ongoing basis. The Bible says,  “Behold, I make all things new,” and indeed, these words are true. We are working with you to allow for your newness to be experienced and to let the old and false be extinguished as the nothingness it is. 

Now is the time to allow for this newness to come forth, and to let in that which you really are. Let the power of living love, the very substance of you come forth and be brought into your awareness there. We cannot force this on you, nor can we manipulate you into this way of thinking, but we can tell you that your willingness and your curiosity to find out the more of you is truly what is called for there. 

Let go of your conditioned thinking and turn inward. Ask, Are you really there? Let me know the more of me that is there. I am willing and await your gifting there. 

We are there with you and will bring you the certainty you would like. We will give you the evidence again and again, that what is given to you there, is true. Let your willingness be felt and let your knowing mind set, your mindset of connection come into view—always there, and always new. Never alone, truly, never alone. 

Ever Unfolding Anew

Your life unfolds anew there,

Held perfect, whole, and free,

God’s love fulfills its function,

Transforming, constantly.

This love itself is constant,

Within, throughout the All,

Healing and redeeming,

‘Twill answer to your call.

Love is your very meaning,

I’m there within to pour,

To bathe you in Loves’s cleansing,

Renewing and much more.

Love releases stasis,

Now zest for life is there,

We trust in life’s unfolding,

Held safely in God’s care. 

Joining is essential,

In Mind, come home to Me,

A separated mindset,

Leaves out Transcendency.

Love’s power to ‘make right’ there,

Power beyond words—it’s true,

Could move a mighty mountain,

Could change the world’s view!

Let’s now restate our mission,

God’s Love’s our guiding star,

To awaken All to Oneness,

To whom you really are.

Each one must come to know there,

His true identity, 

Must let go of illusion,

His truth he’ll clearly see.

Call on Me to guide you,

I’ll lead you through the fray, 

Ego’s defense will fade there—

Like ice, ’twill melt away. 

At last, you’ll know most fully,

No more, you’ll need to roam,

You’ve found just who you are, dear,

As One, with God, your home.  


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