Your life impacts the Whole...

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

From Something On Purpose (full text found in books)

Chapter 13 

Change is truly occurring as this is being written and read. Change is occurring for you as you bring to bear on your life, guidance from the Whole of you, your Source. We, who are working with you to bring you this change, this transformation, are intent on showing you the way forward there. We are intent on showing you the way forward and we are intent on bringing to you, the truth of your life. You see, what is there for you is all you need to come into a full awakening. All you need to transform what could be called an ordinary and mundane life, into a truly amazing life of untold gifting for you and for your others to partake in. 

You see, life in its awakened state is always unfolding anew and bringing to that one, gifts of profound beauty and purpose. Gifts that will be received and given to others as they are embraced and allowed to be given. We are not interested in the historical, nor the traditional, nor the expected ways that have unfolded there, but rather, gifts from Source are radical in their immensity and in their life changing impact on others as they are given and received. 

For life is truly of the most profound nature there, and is of the most profound and significant and most far-reaching impact, more than could be imagined there, and more than can be felt on your plane of awareness. 

For the Wholeness is impacted and the Wholeness is gifted. You see, it is of the most important things for you to know that your life impacts the Whole. Your life impacts and moves the Wholeness of the Source, for it is connected in its entirety there, connected and joined with All That Is. Let your life be felt as that which is open to receive, and then in turn, to give. For here will be the answer to your questing and your forward movement. We are in it together, dear one, and truly we are there for you to know and to love and to cherish. Never alone, truly, never alone. 

A Brand New Start

All that is unfolding,

Each day felt so brand new,

Is living love in action, 

God’s meaning pouring through. 

The barriers are gone now,

That which kept us bound,

Have disappeared entirely,

God’s freedom we have found!

Freedom to move forward,

As love’s light leads the way,

Our burdens have been lifted, 

Our hearts, with joy, display. 

We marvel at the miracle,

Love changed our mind and heart,

Love shattered the impossible,

Love gave a brand new start. 

A brand new start with God means, 

We listen close each day,

We follow well His guidance,

Love’s all-transforming way.

We know not what tomorrow brings,

Yet claim the victory, 

We’re One with God forever, 

Held perfect, whole, and free!

The truth we live as One there,

Means God’s love fills our heart, 

It heals, redeems, transforms, there,  

Gives us a brand new start!

In closing of this poem, dear, 

As I have said before,

I will love you always, 

I’m with you evermore. 


4/26/22.Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged, and thank you for telling others about this site.