A destiny, a mission, and a promise...

Friday, May 13, 2022

From The Resurrected

Chapter 53

Now let us turn our attention and open our minds to new information that is given to you this day. You are in the midst of a movement of gargantuan proportions there. This movement, which is the movement of the Source, is that which is filled with myriad lives and multitudes of experiencers. I can tell you that the life you are living is not that which is separate. Each one has a destiny to fulfill, a mission to keep, and a promise to follow. Each one has a guide to accompany that one and each one has available my involvement with you. Many are working with you to guide you there and to give to you the way to live there. 

Now you must see yourself as that which is abided with and that which is not separate. As you let in the knowing of this and as you embrace this, you will feel into the multitudes there who are working with you. Your life is indwelt by spirit and it is that which has the transcendent nature of life available to it. Now these words are meaningful to you as you abide with them and as you embrace them. For they are words which will open to you the vast and panoramic nature of existence which is so magnificent in its beauty and so far-reaching in its scope. As you embrace the idea of importance to your others there, you will take on a life that is felt as significant there, beyond what you now know. You will take on a life filled with the strength to give all that you can give as the gift is so important and so meaningful to the Wholeness there. 

This idea of the magnificent movement of the Father, the gargantuan and immeasurably immense movement that impacts on the farthest reaches of creation, and your part in it, are the words for you to hear in this chapter. Now open up to receive the news and hold it close to you, for you will soon understand what is meant here. As you embrace this, you will find the words will bring you into the flow, which embraces the importance and the significance of it. In all ways your life is meaningful and it is a life of immensity. Even in the small ways is your life important. Even in the every day things as they are done with love is your life important there. The small ways and the large ways are all felt on the invisible plane and impacted there. And so, we gift you as you gift us, knowingly loving you and abiding with you. Soon the dark days of separation will be over and the heralding of a new day will be had, a new day and a new beginning embraced and cherished by all. We are one movement, dear one, truly we are One. 

Fulfilling the Promise

I made a promise long ago,

A promise made for you,

That I would be there always,

To this I have stayed true. 

In Spirit I am present,

Available in Mind,

When joined with your Transcendence,

In peace you’ll truly find,

A Friend unlike no other,

No other can compare,

Whose constancy of love for you,

And willingness to share,

Provides God’s very meaning,

In living love you’ll grow,

In understanding who you are,

God’s own you’ll come to know. 

You’ll know My constant Presence,

So intertwined are we,

That separation will be gone, 

With all its falsity. 

We’ll move as One together,

Each day anew we’ll find,

A fullness without measure,

Embraced by ties that bind. 

So if you’re feeling all alone,

And know not what to do,

Just ask Me in for friendship,

I’m here in Mind for you! 

This poem’s a declaration,

A promise I renew, 

I pledge and open to you,

My love and All that’s true. 

In closing I would urge you,

Don’t push this love aside,

Its gift is all transforming,

In joy we will abide!


5/13/22. Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged, and thank you for telling others of this website.