Decide to listen to the Voice for Truth...

Friday, May 6, 2022

From Something On Purpose

Chapter 33 

Bring to bear on your life, the decision to listen for the Voice for Truth. Bring to bear on your life, a commitment to hearing from your Wholeness there. You see, there is truly a way to live that is far superior than the way you have been conditioned to live. There is a way that is inherent in who you are and is your birthright there. This way is not archaic, nor as that which is irrelevant and outdated. Rather, it is the current way to live there and the way most truly beneficial to you. What is this way? It is the way of letting your willingness to hear from your greater Wholeness be what is felt. 

Now this requires that you learn to get into your peace and let the thinking mindset dissipate. Let the ‘clear place’ and the ‘still place’ be experienced and then listen for what is given to you. You may ask most directly, What should I do in this situation? What is the truth of what is unfolding here, and how should I proceed

If you want to, you may take a pencil and paper and ask, Father, let me know here. Let me now what is next here? You will find that what is given will be the correct answer to your quest. Now if you are not clear on what next, continue to ask and continue to listen. The way will be made clear and the movement will be that which feels so right on for you. 

This book is given with the express purpose of telling you over and over, the importance of getting in touch with the greater Wholeness of you, with your guides, and with your Source. That is its purpose, and in the many pages of this book, we will reinforce this principal and this important step and way of living. 

Now we would say to you to put the book down and quiet your thinking mindset there. Put the book down and ask, Are you there for me, are you there, Father? What would you have me learn? 

You will be given verification that you are in connection and you will marvel at the more there is of you to enjoy and to live out from. Truly, you are never alone there, ever. Let in and allow, for indeed, we are One. 

I’m Calling You

I’m calling you to join Me,

We have God’s work to do,

We need to tell the others,

That directly, I come through.

We need to let them know, dear,

That they are not alone,

That I’m right there within them,

To love them as My Own. 

The call to them is urgent,

For hopelessness is there,

Lost, alone, sans meaning,

The good news we must share.

The good news of My Presence,

I’m waiting at the door,

Ready when they’re willing—

Love’s healing balm, I’ll pour.

This Love will bring God’s meaning,

Its function’s to redeem,

To renew, and to transform there—

Love’s light, a steady beam.

A beam that points direction,

We’ll follow this north star,

That brings us all to Oneness,

To whom we really are.

We are His Own Dear Children,

One family, including All,

Filled with God’s great meaning!

Again, I make the call!

Please heed this call to join Me,

Our siblings need us there,

They need to know they’re not alone,

We love them—deeply care. 

You are God’s point of light there,

Right there, right where you are.

Your most important calling?

To be His shining star! 

In closing I will tell you,

What you by now have known,

I love you oh so dearly,

You are not alone. 


5/6/22. Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged, and thank you for telling others  about the website..