Ever unfolding anew...

Sunday, May 15, 2022

From The Resurrected

Chapter 75 

Let us embark on an adventure together. For your journey will be filled with adventurous things and will be exhilarating in its newness for you. Now these are not empty promises, dear one. No, these are not words of deception, there. Your journey to truth, your unfolding, will be felt as that which is brand new each day, each hour, and each minute. Brand new is my love for you and ever unfolding anew is your life. 

Now this is the very nature of life, to be born again each day and to experience this newness with freshness and expectancy. I can tell you that depression will become a thing of the past, and will certainly be that which is laughed at, as you view your life there. How could you ever be depressed if you understand the very truth of you? For the ever unfolding anew journey will be exactly right for you there and will open up to you horizons which resonate with beauty and truth. 

Each moment of our connection will harbor safety, peace, and security, and each moment of our togetherness will usher in for you, great fulfillment and great expectations. We do not want for our beloved ones, anything but the best for them, and we want for our others much that now is not known to you. For your unfolding will usher in a great awakening which is unforeseen by you now. It is as you trust into this and as you connect here that the glimpses of what lies ahead will be felt. 

Now we have heard your voices as you have called out to us to intervene in what you have labelled horrific and dangerous times. We have heard your cries there. We have seen what the separated way has brought forth, but realize it as only the hollow drum beat of egos moving with the defenses that have been dragging the human race down for eons of time. Now this drum beat of danger will slowly lose its paralyzing beat, and ultimately, will disappear there. For the hollow sound of these defenses will lose its clarity as the mind set of eons is let go of and as the new ushers in. 

How wonderful will this be for you that exist there in this dimension! How wonderful will you feel, as at last, you will find anew the truth of you, that you are connected in the most profound way there, and that you are not alone there ever. You are created beings and you have the Source, the Originator directly available to you always. You are a direct creation which has the seed core, the spiritual reality of the Father right there, right now. You are spirit, dear one, and you are ever joined there. Now as this chapter comes to a close, turn quietly inward. Ask for love to be brought forth there and feel into my presence with you. Never alone, truly never alone. 

Ever Unfolding Anew

Your life unfolds anew there,

Held perfect, whole, and free,

God’s love fulfills its function,

Transforming, constantly.

This love itself is constant,

Within, throughout the All,

Healing and redeeming,

‘Twill answer to your call.

Love is your very meaning,

I’m there within to pour,

To bathe you in Loves’s cleansing,

Renewing and much more.

Love releases stasis,

Now zest for life is there,

We trust in life’s unfolding,

Held safely in God’s care. 

Joining is essential,

In Mind, come home to Me,

A separated mindset,

Leaves out Transcendency.

Love’s power to ‘make right’ there,

Power beyond words—it’s true,

Could move a mighty mountain,

Could change the world’s view!

Let’s now restate our mission,

God’s Love’s our guiding star,

To awaken All to Oneness,

To whom you really are.

Each one must come to know there,

His true identity, 

Must let go of illusion,

His truth he’ll clearly see.

Call on Me to guide you,

I’ll lead you through the fray, 

Ego’s defense will fade there—

Like ice, ’twill melt away. 

At last, you’ll know most fully,

No more, you’ll need to roam,

You’ve found just who you are, dear,

As One, with God, your home.  


5/15/22. Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged, and thank you for telling others about this website.