Forward movement is radical in its liberation for you...

Monday, May 9, 2022

From Something On Purpose

Chapter 100 

As we proceed in this book, trust is called for there, for you will need to allow for the forward movement in your life, which will be as something you could have never imagined there, and something you could have not known before. 

The forward movement will come to you as something which does not have history as its substrate, nor the cultural tried and true means to move ahead. Truly, what will unfold will be as radical in its liberation for you, and in its means to unleash the breakthrough into your mission there, your forward movement. 

Now these words are not given to you to scare you, nor to put you into a mindset of unease there, for they are meant to bring to you the mind set of expectation and of openness to receive there. 

Truly, you are at that threshold of something brand new there, something radically different from what you could have ever imagined. Now the mission you came to give will get given and you will find that you are brought fully into the flow of your being there and you are brought into the knowing mindset that has you as liberated from the burdens and the baggage of yesteryears. 

Now you can find your way with the eternal gifting, the mindset of Wholeness there, leading the way forward. How wonderful this will be for you and how wonderful for all those who will benefit from it. You are not alone there ever, dear one, truly, you are not alone there, ever. 

Now is the time to ask that you be joined by your Wholeness and listen to what comes forth. Quiet the insinuations that this is not true and listen to what comes forth. We are there for you always and we will show you the way. As this chapter closes, know what is said here is the truth of life. Never alone, truly, never alone. I love you and that is the truth of it. 

At the Threshold

Standing at the threshold,

Just raise your eyes to see,

You have a dear companion,

Who says, ‘Come forth to Me.’

Cross over to My arms, dear, 

Join your Mind with Mine, 

The threshold’s for crossing over,

Find your Truth Divine. 

The way to cross the threshold,

Is to let separation go,

Find your peace and ask Me in,

I’ll answer, you will know. 

Wait not for what you think, there, 

Is perfect time or place, 

It’s at this very moment,

We’ll meet with love and grace. 

Your life will find new meaning,

Alone, no more, you’ll be, 

You’re joined with One who loves you,

Who know’s you, spiritually. 

Each step along the way, dear,

I’ll guide you as you ask,

Your burdens will be lightened, 

Our joy will fill each task. 

God has never left you,

With Love you are infused,

Dismiss the ego’s bidding, 

No longer be confused. 

The threshold’s for crossing over,

Let aloneness time be past,

My arms are waiting for you,

You’re  home, with Me, at last.  


5/9/22. Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged, and thank you for telling others of this website.