Fulfilled With Love

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Fulfilled With Love

Soon you will be moved, dear,

Your new home will be found,

You’ll focus then on mission,

Transcendence all around. 

My guidance there will lead you,

To tell others the good news,

That I am right within each one, 

Just find deep peace, then choose. 

Peace now fills your mind there, 

Worries are released,

Together, now and ever, 

Loneliness has ceased. 

This last chapter of your life, dear, 

Will end a life well lived,

For you found your mission, there,

And this you did so give. 

Fame did not surround you,

Fortune, too, not there, 

But knowing Me fulfilled you,

With love beyond compare.

Our love, it shone the light there,

It redeemed, renewed, and healed,

Filled life with God’s true meaning,

His truth and joy revealed. 

This day we are together,

There’s work that must be done,

So open to My Presence, 

We’ll move, in joy, as One. 

We’ll post this poem right now, dear, 

To tell each reader there,

That I am there for each one, 

My love, I yearn to share. 

In closing, I will tell you,

And All who I have known, 

I am with you always, 

You are not alone. 

5/18/22. Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged and thank you for telling others of this website.