Home At Last

Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Home At Last

Your house will soon be sold, dear,

I’ve guided you in grace,

Time to let it go now,

To live in a new place.  

The future feels uncertain, 

Your ego jumps in here,

Says you might be homeless,

Paints it all with fear. 

You see the time approaching, 

The sale is coming fast,

But still no place determined,

Where you’ll be home at last.

I’m telling you to trust, dear, 

To let Me show you where, 

You will find your new abode, 

You’ll know for certain, there.

It won’t be a guessing game, dear,

You’ll know what I speak of,

Like a duck to water,

Fits like hand to glove.

Trust Me, and allow, dear,

Allow for what’s to come,

Don’t jump to dire conclusions, 

That’s ego’s beating drum. 

Just let you mind be open,

So that you can hear,

I’ve no doubt you’ll understand,

The time is oh so near!

We’re in this life together, dear, 

I’m with you every day,

Our love entwined forever, 

We’ll follow life God’s way. 

Consider this a blessing,

Your dear ones there for you,

Working hard to help out,

To make the move come true. 

Trust that all is well, dear,

Nothing out of place,

Soon you’ll know for certain,

We’re home, at last, in grace! 

5/4/22. Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged and thank you for telling others of this website.