I Live Because of Thee

Thursday, May 26, 2022

I Live Because Of Thee

Open up my heart, Lord,

I’m feeling far from you,

I’ve found that I’m distracted,

And ego’s coming through.

My life feels separated,

And so I take the time,

To join you Lord, my Wholeness,

Come back to love sublime. 

I ask to join Your Presence

Ask that your love I feel,

Its renewing and redeeming,

Its healing power, reveal.

Fill me with your purpose, Lord,

God’s meaning shining clear,

Use me as you will, Lord,

Let living love shine here.

Let peace be ever present, 

And may my trust increase,

Knowing that with You I’m Whole,

Aloneness now will cease. 

Doom and gloom now gone, Lord,

I feel your love so strong, 

I’m uplifted into happiness,

My doldrums now are gone. 

And so I end with gratitude,

For staying here with me, 

For bringing me such joy, Lord,

I live, because of thee!

5/26/22. Given From Jesus. Sharing is encouraged and thank you for telling others of this website.