In This Quiet Moment

Saturday, May 7, 2022

In This Quiet Moment

My Voice will give you comfort,

Will quell anxiety,

I’ll tell you to relax, dear,

Just breathe and be with Me.

I’m guiding you each day, dear,

In steps that you will find,

Are given, as I see you,

Your present state of mind.

That which seemed overwhelming,

Impossible to do,

Now gets done so easily,

Like butter, cutting through.

Don’t panic at the future,

Fear that the worst will come, 

Don’t listen to the ego,

It plays a dour drum. 

We’re in this life together,

We share Transcendent’s View,

Following Love that leadeth,

To God’s Will coming through. 

It’s okay to just sit there,

Your quiet time you need, 

When rested and when ready, 

It’s then you’ll pick up speed. 

I’m with you in each moment,

As you call My Name,

Never will I leave you,

Forever, I’m the same.  

We’re bound as One together, 

Feel My Love, so near, 

A comfort beyond measure,

Find joy with Me, my dear. 

Renewal in each moment,

Love functions to fulfill, 

God’s meaning through your life, dear, 

By following His Will. 

So in this quiet moment,

I’m reassuring you,

I’m with you now and always,

As One, in love, so true.  

5/7/22. Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged and thank you for telling others of this website.