Life abundantly felt...

Tuesday, May 31, 2022

From Something On Purpose

Chapter 86 

As you are brought into your mindset of Wholeness, you will find that you are met with love, honor, and that which is in your best interest there. You will find that you are met with no repudiations and no guilt trips, nor ‘should haves’ there. You will be met with only that which promotes your growth and your letting go of the false identity which you have held onto for so long. 

You will let go of this and you will bring to your life the safety and the security of the mindset of Wholeness, there. This will mean that you no longer will feel anxiety, nor the sense of lack, nor of decay, nor of disillusionment. You will not feel the future as bleak and as that which is doomed to death and destruction and decay. 

No, dear one, truly you will find that you have life so abundantly felt there. This is such a wonderful way to live and it is filled with such buoyancy and such joy, that you will want for no other there. Truly, you will want for no other, there. 

Now the call is to allow for your inner guidance, your Voice for Truth to be heard and to follow, follow, follow, there. You will find that as you turn inward and as you listen for what comes forth, you will be given what is the best way there. Now you must trust that the time frame is in the Father’s hands and you must allow for the unfolding to occur. It will not necessarily be in the way you might have thought from the mindset of separation, but the answer to your quest will be known to you. 

Now we would say to again, close your eyes and let your thoughts be released. Let the cares and worries go, and let the snippets of that which is truly of no importance, go. Let it all go and come into your peace. Now ask that you be given what is necessary there for you. Ask and you will be heard there. You are never alone there, dear one, truly, you are never alone there. Let in and allow, for indeed, we are One. 

  Assurance of Fulfillment 

I give you My assurance,

That I am there with you,

That what we’ve shared together,

These many years, is true.  

You have a host of memories, 

Of times that turned out well, 

Better than imagined,

Let them, to you, foretell.

Foretell of a bright future, 

Together in mind’s place,

Where fulfillment is God’s will for you,

Bestowed with loving grace. 

Your needs for home and health there, 

For funds and what to do,  

Are given beyond measure, 

As living love pours through. 

So let your doubts be gone, dear, 

Let anxiety subside,

Find joy in our togetherness,

In peace we do abide. 

Each one who reads these words, there, 

When they have turned to Me, 

Will have blessed assurance,

Will feel love’s clarity. 

Doubts and vague unsettling, 

About what lies ahead, 

Will no longer haunt you, 

By love’s pure light you’re led. 

I made a promise long ago,

That I’d be there for you, 

I’m here in mind right now, dear, 

My promise ever true.

I tell and retell often, 

For you need to hear, 

Of my constant Presence, 

That I am there, so near.  

Lastly I implore you,

To join with Me in mind, 

I give you My assurance, 

Fulfillment’s what you’ll find!


5/31/22.  Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged, and thank you for telling others of this website.