Miracle-mindedness and a new beginning...

Thursday, May 19, 2022

From The Resurrected

Chapter 55  

There is a movement underway which will usher in a new beginning. Now you are a part of this movement as you have opened up to read this book. You are a part of this new beginning, for you have allowed the mind set of curiosity and the spirit of discovery to be allowed in. As you have let go of the habituated ways to think and live, you have allowed for the new to be brought forth. You are opening up to receive dear one, and the time to embrace your Wholeness, your spiritual identity is now. 

You are not alone there as you live, neither are you living a life of random acts, nor calculated unfolding, for your life is always that which is moving from the Source there. Now it is as you open up to receive that this movement of divinity will be felt, for as you have closed off this, you have lived from what could be called consequences or results based on a mind set of limitation, of separation. And so you have felt defended, fearful and insecure there. For you have based your existence on the momentary, the happenstance, and the probability of occurrences. 

But you are now opening to the miracle-mindedness that is your nature. For your nature is that which is moving from the transcendent perspective which holds the big picture in its view. The picture of your movement, which involves the multitudes and those others who will be impacted, are indeed, that which are held in our view. 

We see you as you live there and we are working mightily to give you a glimpse, no, a full view of who and what you are. And so as the opportunity arises, we take it to impact you. We want you to be fulfilled as your Source would have you be fulfilled. We want you to sense your connection and your involvement with us. We want you to come to know your mission and your message of living love to be gifting your others. As you ask what this is for, we hear you and we will show you the way. 

Now this will not take hours of meditation, nor will it take some behaviors of monk-like dedication, nor will it take deprivation there. But it will take intention and it will take commitment to listen and follow. Because you have lived from the separated way for so long, you have patterns of behaviors that are entrenched and must be refuted to be released. As you do so gain an experience and more experiences, you will then move more openly toward your mission there. The time to do this is now. Let your attention be turned inward and let the enculturated way be let go of there. For now is the time to find anew what was lost but now can be found there. We are One, now and forever.

 A New Beginning

Each day’s a new beginning,

A fresh start can be made,

Yesterday is gone now,

Its history’s been laid. 

How should you hold your mind, there,

When starting fresh this day?

What intention do you have,

What choice comes into play?

Choose to join with Me, dear,

In mind, I’ll join with you,

Begin with our togetherness,

I’ll guide you to what’s true. 

Your day will go so smoothly,

And joy will set the tone, 

Knowing I am with you—

That you are not alone.  

As we live together, 

You are consciously aware,

Each moment is a new one, 

Bright and hopeful, there. 

The light of living love shines,

And points to us the way, 

We follow what is given,

God’s meaning for this day. 

Each day is like no other, 

It harbors what’s to come, 

Birthing God’s fulfillment,

It’s where our peace comes from. 

A new beginning means a choice,

That you must make for Me,

Remembering I am with you,

No longer ‘I’ but ‘ We.’

We move as One together,

The One includes the All,

Fulfilling God’s true meaning, 

Answering His call. 

In closing, I will tell you,

I’m right here now, it’s true,

Each day’s a new beginning,

Filled, with Love, for you. 


5/19/22. Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged, and thank you for telling others about this website.