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Tuesday, May 24, 2022

From Something On Purpose

Chapter 95

 We are with you as you live. You are not alone there and you are not without true help available. You are not meant to be a solo act, nor a do-it-yourselfer. You are not meant to be one who lives as a hermit, nor a recluse, nor an introvert there. You are meant to be joined with your Allness. Now you have thought there is something admirable in being independent and in being self sufficient. You have been taught that to stand on your own two feet is a good thing, a thing of true maturity there.But indeed, this is another piece of ignorance and is truly detrimental to you.

Now you are one who is joined with your spiritual Wholeness there always, and you are one who is able to connect with them there. You are not without the means to bring into your life, true companionship and true help. You are not without the means to bring to bear on your life, the resources of your Allness. How wonderful is this as you are faced with the challenges that confront you as you are brought into the place where decisions will have to be made and choices left behind. For choices are often complex and seem to be filled with ambiguities and with uncertainties there. One choice closes off the rewards of another choice and yields some benefits but not others. How is one to know?

Well, that is the blessing and the boon and the true bounty of coming from your inner knowing, your joined perspective. For we see the big picture there, and we see who and what would fulfill you there. You are not alone there ever, dear one, truly you are not alone there ever. Now broaden your resource bank and your inventory of assistance to you. Broaden and include your knowing mindset, your inner guidance and me. I am with you there, and I will not lead you astray.

The outcome of your choice may not be immediately known, but it is truly the best for all concerned. Selfishness has no place here, for your choices must always consider the Whole of you. You see, dear one, truly you are not alone there ever. You are met with unbounded love for you.Trust and join and in this is the blessing given.

Close Not the Open Channel

Close not the open channel,

Let not fear intrude, 

Let not ego’s mutterings,

Drowned out, obscure, delude, 

The truth that waits within you,

Love’s lifeline held in Mind,

Your ever-present help there, 

My guidance you will find.

I’m reachable to you, dear, 

Right here, not far away, 

Why wait another moment,

Let’s join, right now, this day. 

You’ll find I’m not a stranger, 

We’re kinfolk—yes, it’s true. 

I know just who you are, dear, 

That’s why I’m here for you.

You see, we’re spirit bonded, 

Our DNA’s the same, 

Divinely Named, Anointed,

As One, through Love, we came. 

Find peace and turn within, dear, 

Then ask that I come through,

The words you hear are Mine, dear, 

Meant specifically for you. 

Don’t think that this is foolish, 

Meant to delude, offend, 

I’m not a ghost, or goblin,

I’m real, your dearest Friend. 

My intention is to guide you,

To love, to care, to share.

To awaken you to Oneness,

It’s why I’m really there. 

Close not, the open channel, 

It leads to heaven’s bliss, 

Right now I’m waiting for you. 

It’s you, My Love, I miss. 


5/24/22. Given from Jesus, Sharing is encouraged, and thank you for telling others of this website.