Take these words seriously...

Thursday, May 5, 2022

From The Resurrected

Chapter 74 

I would encourage each and everyone, in whatever path of life you are now walking, to take the words written here as of utmost importance for you. In every walk of life, from every religious view point, and from every ideological system, take these words to heart. Now as you do so take these words to heart, and as you do so listen with intent to hear, you will enter that state of union which is bounteous in its sublime gifts for you. If you are one who is motivated by reward, you will find it here. If you are motivated by service, you will find the words significant here, and if you are motivated by the search for truth, indeed, you have found it. 

Many who have learned of their direct connection have begun the journey to truth and have discovered that which brings verification within again and again. For as you allow for your connection to the divine to come forth, and as you realize that you are a direct manifestation of the divine, you will resonate with the love which puts all in perfect order for you. Easily and without effort will your being resonate to the truth of you. As the energy of living love resonates there, your very being will sing with the beauty and bounty of this way of living, the created way, the way of your Source. Happy will your journey be there as you laugh away the seeming distresses of life, for they will pale in importance as you feel into the safety and the security of your being, your created self. 

Many have discovered and many are discovering this and we here on the other side, join in the rapture of those who now resonate to truth there. We join in the rapture of joy as more and more connect. Mightily are we feeling your peace and your forward movement. And as the ground swell of beings on your planet now move lovingly forward, the great change over will occur. For just as when the majority wins so does the majority bring to bear on others, the truth, and the truth will have its way, must have its way. 

At last, at last, the truth will come forth for your planet, dear one. What a glorious day that will be, for now the movement will usher in on many levels, your place in the multidimensional levels of life, your place in the great planetary unfolding of the universe and of other created beings everywhere. And so the forward movement of each one is of the utmost importance there. You are not singular in your experience as an individual and as a planet. You are involved mightily there. Now let these words move you to hear and open to receive. We are One, now and forever. 

My Life on Earth was Given

What e’er that you’re involved in,

What e’er the task at hand,

Call on Me to join you, 

And let your Mind expand. 

Let go of limitation,

Habituated mind, 

Open to God’s will for you, 

His newness, you will find.

I’ll guide you to the answer,  

Your problem will be solved, 

What seemed an impossibility, 

Now will be resolved.

A Mind joined with its Maker,

Filled with living love

Heals, redeems, renews, transforms,

It’s what we’re all made of. 

God’s meaning fills creation, 

No one, no thing left out,

Living love’s God’s purpose,

It’s what life’s all about.

My life on earth was given,

To teach, to show, to heal, 

My mission, still alive now

I’m there for you, so real. 

I can only guide you,

If you turn within to Me, 

I can’t impose on your free will,

You must ask, willingly. 

A relationship of magnificence,  

I have in store what’s true,

A love that knows no ending, 

I am One with you. 

I offer My love to you, 

Transcendence you will find,

Your Truth, your Originality,

The Oneness of God’s Mind. 

“Let not your heart be troubled,

Believe in God, in Me,” 

I voice these words in now time, 

Together, in peace, are we. 

In closing let Me tell you, 

I love you, you’re My Own, 

I am with you always,

You are not alone! 


5/5/22. Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged, and thank you for telling others about this website.