The prime urgency in life...

Tuesday, May 17, 2022

From Something On Purpose

Chapter 14 

As this chapter begins, focus on listening for what is being said. Focus on the meaning that is coming through to you and listen for more than words and sentences. Meaning is coming through that has as its roots, feeling. Feeling into the meaning and opening to that deep feeling is where transformation will occur. Now the feeling that will come forth to you is love that you have not experienced before. This love is of a nature so profound in its impact, that it will bring harmony out of chaos, and the delightful understanding of what is occurring for you. As you feel into this love, and as you allow it to embellish you in its frequency, you will understand that you are led in the light of peace, and have as your very nature, that peace. 

And yet, this peace is dynamic! This peace is a dynamic presence that moves you forward and sets all things right. How wonderful to know that your true nature is this dynamic peace. How wonderful to know that this is your nature to embrace and experience always. Your Source imbues his own with the nature of Him/Her/Its Self and it is as you open to receive this nature that you will experience it. 

The call to listen and open to whom and what you truly are is not a thing in the closet of your mind, nor a snippet of truth to look at sometimes and glance at it as one would a fading sunset. No, this truth is to be pursued diligently and earnestly there. It is to be held as the prime urgency in your life, for it is so life changing and so urgently needed in a world that has forgotten the truth of whom and what it is. 

I can tell you that the need to focus on awakening is what is urgently called for. And so, carry this with you in the forefront there, and do not allow the cares and concerns of the day to overshadow this need, this call for clarity in your life. You are not alone in your quest, for we are here with you, working ardently to shore you up and show you the way. Heed this call for forward movement and open to receive. We are with you always, dear one, truly, we are with you always. Let in and allow, for indeed, we are One. 

No Greater Meaning

There is no greater meaning,

Than what God gives to you,

Nothing can compare,

To living love so true. 

This meaning is a substance,

It’s energy that moves,

God’s powerhouse of change, there,

It heals, redeems, renews. 

God’s love fills all creation,

Nothing is left without,

This energetic meaning,

It’s transformation’s route. 

God’s meaning brings completeness,

It’s why we all are One,

It joins us all as family,

Each daughter and each son. 

Living love’s the reason,

I’m there in Spirit Mind,

To lead you back to truth there,

Your identity you’ll find.

Your identity is your meaning,

It’s who you really are,

You’re God’s beloved child,

His offspring, and His star.  

The falsehood of the ego,

The lie that says it’s you,

Will disappear as nothingness,

When love comes shining through. 

And so I wait within, dear,

In hopes that you’ll respond,

Send you countless messages,

Longing for our bond.

Without your full awakening,

You’re left alone to roam,

Encountering needless suffering,

I want to bring you home. 

I know with living love, there,

Lighting up the way,

The truth of Oneness will be found,

How jubilant that day! 

In closing of this poem, dear,

My arms are open wide,

Come within and find Me,

In love, we will abide.


 5/17/22. Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged, and thankyou for telling others about this website.