The way of Source is lovingly doable...

Sunday, May 1, 2022

From The Resurrected  (full text freely available in books)

Chapter 36 

I am with you as you engage in reading this volume. Now as you sit there I am with you, lovingly here, and inviting you to join me here in the quiet place within. For today is the time to find anew the age-old truth of your existence and the relationship of love held so closely within. Now as you sit there and as you read this, I am abiding within the quiet place of conscious awareness, and giving to you all that you need to find anew our relationship of magnificence. 

How is it that I can be there for each one? This question is now addressed in this writing. For it is a question that is often asked and is often misunderstood. You see, dear one, the mind of you is the mind of the Allness, the Wholeness there. The place within that mind, which is the place of transmittal, brings to you the infinite mind of the Source. We here, are aware of you and we are aware of your consciousness. We are at the ready to assist you there, and we are alert for your invitation and your desire to be met with your transcendent reality, the truth of you. We are constantly alert to your needs and your intention as we can see, understand, where you are at this point. We know of your intention and we know of your appeals to have the way made known. 

Now the call is to trust into here. The call is to truly trust into and abide within the mind set of the Source. We would encourage you to bring to bear on your life, the relationship which will guide you through the complexity of your life, and the seemingly impossible situations you find yourself in. For the way of the Source is the way of simplicity and forward movement felt as just that. Doable, lovingly and easily doable. Now the key here is to find your peace within. For it is in finding your peace that the quiet and non-conflicted way can be made known to you. 

As you sense the knowing and the truth of the situation you find yourself in, you will then take the ideal next step to gently and easily move out into the sublime light of divine relationship and divine forward flowing. And so we would encourage you to not turn away from these pages as that 

which is unimportant for you and we would encourage you to not settle for a superficial happiness which isn’t felt as the very core experience of you. For your very nature is joy and your very nature is peace. 

Bring to bear on your life the influx of spirit and the knowing of who and what you are. For indeed, you are the direct inheritor of the Source there. You are the direct and immediate inheritor. Do not think that you must relinquish life on the Earth to find this out, for it is available as you live there, and it is meant to be experienced, always. This is the natural way, the correct way, the intended way, to live. And so, now is the time to turn inward and join. We are here and we love you. You are that same love, given and received. As this chapter on living love and the gift of our presence is given, turn now to the quiet place within, and ask for your guide to be made known to you. Ask and do not turn away, for indeed, we are One. 

No Time Like The Present

It’s in the present moment,

When our minds are joined as One,

The Father’s light illuminates,

How His Will is done.

We listen with intention, 

The Voice for Truth to hear, 

We follow what we’re given,

And gladly, we adhere.

Not far in the future,

Nor lost in forgone days, 

It’s in the present moment,

Love’s light shows us His ways.  

What ever lies before us, 

We go not there alone,

We move as One together, 

In peace, God’s love, we’re shown.  

Now is the right time, dear, 

To turn off ego’s voice,

Now ’s the time to choose for Me, 

Transcendency, your choice. 

So at this present time, dear,

Be still and find your peace,

Let’s move as One together,

Our joy, as One, won’t cease.

We’ll follow what we’re given.

Find joy in it each day,

There’s no time like the present,

To live our life God’s’ way.


5/1/22. Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged, and thankyou for telling others about this website.