True security and stability from joining...

Friday, May 27, 2022

From Something On Purpose

Chapter 31 

Do not let your mind be felt as separate from All That Is. As you do this separation, you will diminish yourself and you will let go of the very stuff of you, whom and what you are. You will let go of the Wholeness and will operate as a smidgen there, a bit without an anchor, nor an air way there. You will operate as that which is generating steam from an empty pot, an empty engine, and an empty tank. You will not be bringing into the world, true creativity nor originality, for your efforts will be based on false and delusional view points that cannot sustain themselves there. 

Now the call is to open to receive the Whole of you and let yourself be in that place of true openness to receive, joined there with All That Is. You are joined there, and you are not separate from your truth. As you come into that place of stillness where you are joined, you will receive the true stability and security of living out from your Wholeness, and in this will come the releasing of the dynamic of a fix or an addiction.

You see, as you live out from this place, it will not be attractive to you to experience what can only be called a superficial high, a false and gross boost, which will burst as you find out that indeed, there was nothing there to really fulfill you. Rather, the true fulfillment will be in the joining with your others there. With your sisters and brothers who are indeed, a part of this family also. Here is your joy and your purpose as you realize they are a part of the Wholeness. Your judgements will be let go of and you will now see them as not separate from you but truly joined there, truly joined. 

We are One, you and I, and we are inclusive in our love for others. Let this teaching on the importance of finding your peace and your fulfillment be reflected in how you see your others there. All are one, and indeed, all are family. Never alone, truly never alone. 

Your True Security

When you live joined with Me, dear,

Security’s what is found, 

No longer wandering all alone, 

As One, we’re tightly bound. 

No longer blown and tossed about,  

As cut off and unlatched,

Woven inextricably,

We’re intertwined, attached. 

Our bond was never severed,

’Twas always there for you,

At last, you’ve chosen for Me, 

You’ve found security true. 

Your place with Me is certain, 

Let go of hesitancy, 

Our relationship’s unwavering, 

We’re One intrinsically. 

You’ll never be rejected,

That’s an impossibility,

God’s Oneness includes you, dear,

It’s your heredity. 

Let go of fear and holding back, 

Your worries don’t belong,  

Love’s God’s greatest healer,

‘Righting’ all that’s wrong. 

I’ll open up love’s door, dear, 

It’s there in Transcendent Mind, 

’Twill wash away insecurity,

Pure joy is what you’ll find. 

Find strength in our togetherness, 

Let God’s love lead the way,

Shinning light to others, 

We’ll move as One each day.

In closing, I love you dearly,

True security now is known, 

I am with you always,

You are not alone. 


5/27/22 Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged, and thank you for telling others of this website.