What is the limited mindset?

Monday, May 2, 2022

From The Resurrected

Chapter 48

Now we will explore that part of you which is your limited mind set, for it is necessary to understand this as you undertake to disregard and eventually annihilate it. Your mind set of limitation is that which is, in all ways, fallacious, a made-up thing based on what you have been taught and had instilled in you by your culture. Eons of time have been involved in this fallacious mind set, which is intent on undermining your peace, your happiness, there. 

Now in all ways, this mind set is based on fear. It is based on protection and on security there. Intent on insinuating itself into your every day life and looking for an opportunity to poke a hole in any idea of peace, it continues on, for this system is intent on maintaining itself as real. Any disregard for what it is saying would annihilate it. But dismissal is what is called for as it rears its ugly head. 

Now remember, this ego, this mind set of fear is not an entity there, but only a set of habits, strategies, defenses put in place by your ego to protect what has seemed as fallibility and fragility and frailty. It is a puffed-up thing, a thing of greed, competition and a wily and cunning set of ideas, falsely laid down over time to upset peace and happiness, and put in place to undermine connection to inner guidance. 

Now remember, you are dealing with habitual thinking, not an entity of evil, just faulty thinking, well entrenched in your mind, well-grooved and well-practiced in this life time and in numerous others, countless others. But, as you understand what you are dealing with, it is an easy thing to let go of. Now the key here is to call on your guidance to help you, claim your peace and your birth right and disregard the incantation of ego. Let it go. Refute it as meaningless and ignore its habitual claim to you. As you disregard it, shake it up, move away and forcefully disclaim it, claim your peace and your connection, the habit of the defenses will dissipate, for not engaged is not enhanced. Let it go, and turn your thoughts away to another idea, a different thing to focus on. Turn your thoughts to the love that you are and the guidance that you have available to help you there. 

I certainly would encourage you to undertake this, and in a short time with practice, the mind set of separation will dissipate. Now the call is to do this as often as the ego rears its head. Whenever jealousy, hate, undermining, self doubt, punishment, all the negative things emerge, ask for guidance. Disengage that part of yourself and ask for next steps there. Ask for your peace. Your peace is the ground swell of Wholeness, the foundation of moving forward, of hearing there. So cultivate your peaceful attitude, your quiet mind and your satisfied mind, your joyful mind. 

Here is the way to bring sanity back into your life. Not through substances, nor through hours of therapy with the leading psychiatrist, nor with reading countless numbers of self-help books can your sanity be had. No! It is in listening to inner guidance and cultivation of that deep relationship with spirit, your right mind there. Always, this right mind is there to assist you, to give you what you need to live from this place, always. 

I am there for you, for I will not abandon you there ever. I will not leave you there. Some of you have known abandonment first hand, have felt alone and isolated there. You have felt as one who lives anonymously and as non-meaningful to life. But I refute that! I refute your sense of unimportance! You are important here. You are that part which completes the Whole and in which all feel a loss when you are living from separation. We urge you to abide with us, dear one. Come here and come home. Never alone there. And do not think this is an invitation to end your life; no, it is an invitation to become fully alive, to participate in the world you are in and to feel into the truth of this. I love you and that is the truth of things. Never alone there, dear one, truly never alone. 

A Choice to Make

There is a choice that you must make,

As life is lived each day,

A choice that makes a difference,

In what will point the way.

You see, you are the chooser,

You’re gifted with free will,

Given without conditions,

So that you can fill,

What you desire most there,

It’s up to you to find,

What gives your life its meaning,

What brings you Peace of Mind. 

The choice is truly simple,

Once the truth you know,

That you can join within to Me,

In peace, God’s Love will flow.

Aloneness or together,

One or the other there,

A mind alone is empty,

No roots, no fruit to bear,

A Mind that’s joined in Oneness,

Connected to its Source,

Will yield that Love that Liveth,

God’s Will it will bring forth.

Yes, you are the chooser,

You’re God’s point of light, His Star,

Right there, you bring His Meaning,

Choose whom you really are. 

Make the choice for Oneness,

Together, there we’ll be,

In joy and love forever,

Throughout eternity.


5/2/22.Given from Jesus. Feel free to share and thank you for tellings others about this site.