You are divine...

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

From The Resurrected

Chapter 32 

You are divine. You are the direct inheritors of the Source. You have the Wholeness, the Allness as your substrate, your foundational reality there. Now these words are words that are meant to bring you into an awareness that is truly life changing. For you see yourselves as so fragile and frail, so vulnerable to the ebb and flow of life circumstances. Now this way of viewing yourself leads you to create fabrications of how to proceed in life. Your sense of fallibility and the chances, the probabilities of fatal error, seem ever there to haunt you, to force you to devise ways to cope, strategies to ameliorate the suffering, the potential for great harm. And so, safety precautions have been put in place and have been accepted world wide as that which are important to protect yourselves. Of these, the greatest is the need to dismiss life as something transient and short, the need to down play the significance of life. For as life becomes that which is snuffed out like a candle, the impermanence and the transience appear so very real. 

The consequence of this transient view is a desire to have the fullest life experience possible, while still here, still alive, and this appears to be the way the masses are now leading their lives. For the desire to fulfill the material needs and the physical needs seem so important there, to equip your children and your others with strategies to gain the needed experiences to have a full life. The result of this is a plan of getting educated and earning a living which will provide much financial gain and much protection from the vicissitudes which befall you. 

Now the constant reinforcement of this and the pummeling of this into the people by the media and the culture of consumerism have created a false idea of the reality of you. You are different than that, much different. Your life is first of all, priceless, of infinite value. You were created from the beginning and are an expression, a created expression of Father/Mother God, the Source of All That Is. Your identity is known and your movement is held within the mind of your Creator. Within you, is the place of direct connection, the spirit of truth, which is who and what you are. 

Now as you have felt the pressure from the culture to conform in the most minute details of life, you are brought into a place of servitude, for you no longer feel the joy of a life lived with the freedom to create anew. You are held in a highly routinized and predictable set of circumstances that often bring with them a life of conformity. Now I would encourage you to let go of the mind set of enculturation and let your life be felt as that which is free to live in accordance with the way your Maker, your Creator would have you live it. You are meant to be a direct expression there, dear one, a movement of living love held in the safety and protection of your Source. 

Now as you hear this let your mind open up to wonder, to curiosity, to question how it is that you can experience the truth of you? How it is that you can embrace who you really are and allow for the movement of beauty, of love and of transformational unfoldment to happen, to occur. You must ask without reservation and with intention to hear, for it is as you ask with the intention of a true seeker that the way will be made plain for you. You must truly ask dear one, and not allow for the enculturated way to shut out the truth of you. 

Do not allow for the closing down of your intention or the putting off to find the fulfillment that is yours to be had. Open up to receive for I am with you there. I am with you there and I will show you the way. I will show you the way, dear one, truly I will show you the way. Now quiet your conditioned thinking and let your mind set empty out. Feel into the quiet and ask for your guide’s presence to be made known to you. I am there and I will hear you and I will speak with you as you do so allow for it. Truly, in whatever way suits you, by writing, by listening or by talking openly, I will answer you. You must trust into here and you can truly count on my abiding presence there. As this chapter closes, let us together find our relationship of permanence, the divinity of you, and the sacred life that you are engaged in. I love you. This is the truth. 

What is God’s Great Purpose?

What is God’s Great Purpose,

For each daughter and each son,

To understand relationship,

With each and everyone. 

To understand and know within, 

You are not alone, 

We live as joined together, 

One Movement, as God’s Own. 

One Movement with God’s Meaning,

Expressed with joy made of,

The substance of renewal,

The energy of love. 

Living love’s God’s meaning,

Its function’s to renew,

Redeem, refresh and make things right,

Shine healing light in you. 

Redeemed, refreshed, and felt as new,

We go forth every day,

Asking God to lead us, 

In what we do and say.

We turn within to Wholeness,

And join with Jesus there.

Adrift no more, nor solo,

His Purpose now we share.

His Purpose is in loving,

Our sisters, brothers, all,

We answer to His Purpose,

We answer to His Call. 

In closing I will tell you,

In peace, what I have shown, 

I am with you always,

You are not alone.


5/11/22 Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged and thank you for telling others about this website, and the good news of direct connection for each one to spiritual guidance.