You must persist, dear one...

Sunday, May 22, 2022

From Something On Purpose

Chapter 16 

There is a need which must be met in order for you to wake up to the truth of whom and what you are. Not without this need being met will you arrive at a point where you are able to open with consistent intention to hear and to follow what is given to you. We can tell you that your Wholeness is there for you to access, and we can tell you that the truth of you is there, but, indeed, you must persist in the process of coming into the mind of peace and letting the thinking mindset be released there. 

Your life has been one of thinking and doing and accomplishing and so the call to quiet your thinking and to let go of the need to accomplish will be frightening to you and will not be something that comes without effort and intention there. You must want to access this mindset of Wholeness, whom and what you really are, and you must want to hear and follow what is given. 

We cannot impose ourselves on you, nor can we manipulate, nor cajole you into coming into guidance. It must be a free-willed thing for you, and it must be something that arises out of your determination and you desire to know the more of whom and what you are. It is truly as you do commit to this and forgo the familiar way of living that the truth will be known to you. You are not alone there ever, dear one, truly, you are not alone there ever. 

Again, let us review the steps necessary for you to come into alignment there. First, you must let go of all the thinking and planning and effort you have become so familiar with. As you access this quietness in your consciousness, ask that your guidance be made known to you and that you be given what is necessary to move you forward. Let go of the need to hear instantly, but trust that your message, your request has been heard and allow for verification of this to occur. You will receive a sign, a signal, or a unique way of communication to you that will let you know that you are heard and in alignment there. Trust is called for and trust is necessary, for there will not be validation from others, nor an organization to verify to you what you have heard. Rather, it will be your own experience that will propel you onward there. Only from your own experience, dear one, your own unique experience will you be able to move forward. 

As you do follow this path and stay with it, you will find what is coming through to you as meaningful and of the most significance to your life at this very moment. Most of all, you will have found the relationship of true worth there. You will have found the relationship of true worth for you. You are not alone there ever, dear one, truly you are not alone there ever. Let in and allow, for, indeed, we are One. 

A Choice to Make

There is a choice that you must make,

As life is lived each day,

A choice that makes a difference,

In what will point the way.

You see, you are the chooser,

You’re gifted with free will,

Given without conditions,

So that you can fill,

What you desire most there,

It’s up to you to find,

What gives your life its meaning,

What brings you Peace of Mind. 

The choice is truly simple,

Once the truth you know,

That you can join within to Me,

In peace, God’s Love will flow.

Aloneness or together,

One or the other there,

A mind alone is empty,

No roots, no fruit to bear.

A Mind that’s joined in Oneness,

Connected to its Source,

Will yield that Love that Liveth,

God’s Will it will bring forth.

Yes, you are the chooser,

You’re God’s point of light, His Star,

Right there, you bring His Meaning,

Choose whom you really are. 

Make the choice for Oneness,

Together, there we’ll be,

In joy and love forever,

Throughout eternity.


5/22/22.Given from Jesus. Feel free to share and thank you for telling others of this website.