Abide with Me this day...

Monday, June 27, 2022

From The Resurrected

Chapter 52

Abide with me this day. We are meant to abide together there and we are meant to live co-joined, in relationship, always. I send this message to you, for it is as you truly embrace it, that you will feel into the bounty of blessings there for you. Such a delight to feel the movement into your Wholeness there and such a delight to know that you are not treading on thin ice, but always sure-footed, as you move along life’s path. Hand in hand we can tread the highways and byways together. I will hold you up as you stumble and I will support you as you move errantly away and then turn back. 

We will follow the map of love, the guideposts of infinity. Do not feel the need to humble yourself, nor feel unworthy there. No, we are brother or sister, you and I; we are of the same stuff. Now it is true that I am awakened and I have the perspective from the transcendent, but you have that potentiality, too! You have the same inherent birthright of wholeness, completeness, that I have. Now together, we can praise our Father/Mother God, our Source. It is together, we can glorify this family we are in. 

Let us not despise our others there, but let us love them as we love each other. Openly and genuinely and knowing that they are indeed inheritors, too. They are of the same stuff as us. And so the call is to not shun others as somehow different than us, but to embrace fully, all there. As you go about your life this day, think in terms of who you are with always. You are with me and the multitudes on the invisible plane who are there for you as a part of whom and what you are. Your guide is there and others who are specifically working with you to guide you as you live. 

Now the joy of our life together is there to experience as I so do. For it is a joyful walk we can have there! It is a joyful and fruitful walk with ongoing togetherness, to be experienced always. This is the way it is, dear one. You are eternal and you are ever unfolding anew. And so I again invite you to hold my hand today. I am here and I do love you. That is the truth of it. We are, indeed, One. 

Ever Unfolding Anew

Your life unfolds anew there,

Held perfect, whole, and free,

God’s love fulfills its function,

Transforming, constantly.

This love itself is constant,

Within, throughout the All,

Healing and redeeming,

‘Twill answer to your call.

Love is your very meaning,

I’m there within to pour,

To bathe you in Loves’s cleansing,

Renewing and much more.

Love releases stasis,

Now zest for life is there,

We trust in life’s unfolding,

Held safely in God’s care. 

Joining is essential,

In Mind, come home to Me,

A separated mindset,

Leaves out Transcendency.

Love’s power to ‘make right’ there,

Power beyond words—it’s true,

Could move a mighty mountain,

Could change the world’s view!

Let’s now restate our mission,

God’s Love’s our guiding star,

To awaken All to Oneness,

To whom you really are.

Each one must come to know there,

His true identity, 

Must let go of illusion,

His truth he’ll clearly see.

Call on Me to guide you,

I’ll lead you through the fray, 

Ego’s defense will fade there—

Like ice, ’twill melt away. 

At last, you’ll know most fully,

No more, you’ll need to roam,

You’ve found just who you are, dear,

As One, with God, your home.