Embrace your mission...

Thursday, June 9, 2022

From The Resurrected

Chapter 47

Initiate your plan wisely as you live. Initiate your plans with the guidance from the transcendent. Initiate only after you have heard, for this is the way to proceed there. You are ready to move forward there, and you are ready to embrace fully, your mission. How should you do this? How should you proceed there? For the how of it and the wherefore of it seem paramount to you. Such tasks of immensity to undertake and such a huge job to inform the world of its connection there. So much false information to set straight and such a mountain of cultural miasma to contradict. 

We here understand what you feel faced with, for we have felt that way at times, too. How can we share with people there, the good news, as it seems so improbable that anyone will hear? And yet there is no doubt that the words, the true meaning of life, must come forth eventually. Now the concerted effort and the concerted intention of vast numbers are making the news available to millions. On the spiritual plane and on the earthly plane many have chosen to share the good news of direct connection, and so, the mask of illusion is being shed. 

The corporate giants who seek to manipulate and delude, are losing their hold and the light of living love is shining through. People, you are much more! People, you are indeed much more, as you seek to understand the very truth of you! For indeed, you are direct inheritors of the Source there. You are direct and immediate inheritors of the Creator, Sustainer. You are not separate from that One, the Wholeness of you, the Infinitude of you. You are not separate, neither are you alone as you sojourn there. 

Now as you turn inward and as you seek guidance as to how to give your gift, remember that it is not with others that the call is made alone, for it is in your unique gift that the mission is accomplished. No one can give your gift, but you. No one can offer what you have chosen as your gift, but you. 

And so your gift is of immense importance to give. And so I say initiate your plans with the wisdom gained from your connection to guidance. We are here and we do hear you and we will show you the way there. Never alone, dear one, truly never alone. 

Now let your mind set of separation be released and quiet your thinking. Let the hustle and bustle, the little nagging things, the minor anxiety be released and quiet yourself. Ask for your transmittal line to be cleared and ask for your guidance to make him/herself known to you. Ask that I join you there and together we will uncover the perfect plan for you to follow. Now this plan is one that is in all ways flexible and fluid, for it must be, to weather the storms of the ego that will continue to insinuate into your life. But the goals are firm, the destination is firm, and the gifting is inalienable for you and for others. 

Let your careful initiation of plans be willingly undertaken and do not fear, we will stay with you through the false starts and the missteps that will inevitably happen. Stay involved here and do not allow for your intention to dissipate. No, increase it by involving yourself in the planning and the work. Never alone, dear one, truly never alone. 

I’m Calling You

I’m calling you to join Me,

We have God’s work to do,

We need to tell the others,

That directly, I come through.

We need to let them know, dear,

That they are not alone,

That I’m right there within them,

To love them as My Own. 

The call to them is urgent,

For hopelessness is there,

Lost, alone, sans meaning,

The good news we must share.

The good news of My Presence,

I’m waiting at the door,

Ready when they’re willing—

Love’s healing balm, I’ll pour.

This Love will bring God’s meaning,

Its function’s to redeem,

To renew, and to transform there—

Love’s light, a steady beam.

A beam that points direction,

We’ll follow this north star,

That brings us all to Oneness,

To whom we really are.

We are His Own Dear Children,

One family, including All,

Filled with God’s great meaning!

Again, I make the call!

Please heed this call to join Me,

Our siblings need us there,

They need to know they’re not alone,

We love them—deeply care. 

You are God’s point of light there,

Right there, right where you are.

Your most important calling?

To be His shining star! 

In closing I will tell you,

What you by now have known,

I love you oh so dearly,

You are not alone. 


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