Ever unfolding anew fulfillment...

Saturday, June 18, 2022

From The Resurrected

Chapter 79

There is much that is waiting for you which is inherently beneficial to you. Much that you have not opened up to and allowed to come into your world there. Now as you have closed off your direct connection to the infinite, to your Creator, you have allowed for a careless and haphazard way of life to be lived. You have allowed for the purveyors of chance to lead the way. Truly, your life is held in the mind of the Source there as you live and has not departed from it. Your mind is indeed, connected, and has as its substrate, the consciousness of the Infinite. And this Infinite Mind has as its purpose, bringing you into ever unfolding anew fulfillment there. 

Now these words are the truth of you and they are words that are of the most wonderful for you. As you become familiar with your divine presence within, the holy spirit of you, the mind set you are meant to live from, you will then find increased and direct movement into your Wholeness, whom and what you really are. Each day, each turning inward, allows for the mind set of ignorance to dissipate there. 

Now your experiences will mount and you will discern that there really is no other way to live life. For this way is so satisfying , so joined with love, and so complete in its experience, that you can move wonderfully forward there. Not with uncertainty, but rather with a curiosity to find what will unfold anew for you. Such joy to live from your divine mind, your Infini- tude! And such wonder as the blessings, the knowing, and the intelligence from the Father come forth there for you. Now your security is here, dear one . Your security and your support are truly here. Let your life unfold as it was meant to, ever unfolding anew with fulfillment and possibility as its inherent and certain nature. Never alone there, dear one, truly never alone. 

Expect the New

You say you don’t like change there,

You’re happy with the old, 

It’s safe, familiar, easy,

The same old story, told. 

What’s new might pose a challenge,

That you’re not ready for,

It may require giving up,

Your comfort zone and more.

You will not grow and prosper,

Nor feel fully alive,

If newness is forsaken.

Wanting only to survive. 

Life given from your Creator, 

Is filled with meaning, true,

Living love’s this meaning,

Making all things new. 

Together, we’ll stay open, 

Express curiosity,

In how God’s newness gift’s you, 

Bestows luminosity. 

The old no longer holds you,

It played its part, now past, 

Happy to release it,

You’re free of it, at last.

Your mind is filled with wonder,

As fulfillment comes to view,

Beyond imagination, 

God’s love, so fresh, so new!

You feel revitalization,

How joyful now are we, 

In awe, you stand so vivified, 

Once blinded, now you see. 

Welcoming the new, there,

Is the mindset to embrace, 

God wants only your fulfillment, 

To bestow on you, His grace. 

Our relationship of love, dear,

Though familiar stays so true, 

Issuing forth God’s meaning,

Living love’s what makes it new. 

We move as One together,

This Oneness you have known,

In truth, I love you, dearly,

You are never alone. 

6/13/21. Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged, and thank you for telling others of this website.