Father's Day 2022

Sunday, June 19, 2022

Father’s Day 2022

Family life seems incomplete

Without a father there,

Yet many children have never known,

A Dad with love to share.

A family with two parents,

A mom and father too,

Give kids a chance to witness,

Shared love where that is true.

Dad’s may be the leader,

Or Mom’s may run the show, 

In how the family functions,

For making smooth the flow. 

So many variations,

In family life these days, 

A family with a father, 

Is blessed in many ways.

Dad’s bring to boys a model,

Of how a man can be, 

A caring, strong provider,

Who treats Mom lovingly. 

Your Dad may have been absent,

Saw so little of you,

Occasional times together,

So much he never knew! 

You wanted him to love you,

To know just who you are,

His child, his own, his treasure, 

To be his shining star. 

I’m here to offer to you,

That relationship you miss. 

My love will fill your heart, dear,

We’ll live in joy and bliss. 

You can call me father,

 Brother, lover, guide,

We move as One, together,

In joy, we do abide.  

I am your Risen Savior,

Directly, within, I care, 

I promise I am with you,

Call My name, I’m there. 

Forgive your father, dear one,

Let go  your hurtful view,

I am your Spiritual Father, 

I’m here, with love, for you!

6/19/22 Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged, and thank you for telling others about this website.