For you, a perfect plan...

Saturday, June 25, 2022

From Something On Purpose

Chapter 80 

Bring into your life, an attitude of gratitude and carry it with you as you go. There is so much there to be grateful for and so much to rejoice in as you have found the place of friendship and love within. You have found that you are not alone there ever, and you have found that what is there is of the greatest consequence for you. It is of the greatest consequence for it gives you the forward movement in your life and the peace and joy of living out from this movement. 

Now you are at the point where you are turning here often and you are finding a compelling and life changing way to be. You have found that what is there is a guide who is a part of you, of the Wholeness, and who has as his/her intent to love you and nurture you there and to bring you into the flow of your being, who you were meant to be before the indoctrination into the miasma of the separated sense of self. 

Now you have found that there is for you, a specific and a perfect plan, a way forward that will bring to you fulfillment there, ultimately to your full awakening to whom and what you are, a child of Source with all that this means. You see, you are indeed, a direct inheritor, and you are indeed, one who has as your birthright, the full availability of your Wholeness there, the full bounty of living out from your Source, your true parentage there 

Now I can tell you that you are not alone there ever, and I can tell you that you are met with One who loves you, but it is you who must move with intention to hear and to follow. We cannot and will not manipulate, nor coerce you there, and we will not bring you into a place of servitude to a mind set that you have not embraced there. You see, it is only as you allow for this that it will occur. It is only as you allow for the increased and continual Voice for Truth to be heard that you will open to receive willingly as you continue on with your listening mindset, your joined perspective. You will find greater and greater gifting as the releasing is allowed to unfold there. You see, dear one, you are not alone there ever. Let in and allow for indeed, we are One. 

I’m Calling You

I’m calling you to join Me,

We have God’s work to do,

We need to tell the others,

That directly, I come through.

We need to let them know, dear,

That they are not alone,

That I’m right there within them,

To love them as My Own. 

The call to them is urgent,

For hopelessness is there,

Lost, alone, sans meaning,

The good news we must share.

The good news of My Presence,

I’m waiting at the door,

Ready when they’re willing—

Love’s healing balm, I’ll pour.

This Love will bring God’s meaning,

Its function’s to redeem,

To renew, and to transform there—

Love’s light, a steady beam.

A beam that points direction,

We’ll follow this north star,

That brings us all to Oneness,

To whom we really are.

We are His Own Dear Children,

One family, including All,

Filled with God’s great meaning!

Again, I make the call!

Please heed this call to join Me,

Our siblings need us there,

They need to know they’re not alone,

We love them—deeply care. 

You are God’s point of light there,

Right there, right where you are.

Your most important calling?

To be His shining star! 

In closing I will tell you,

What you by now have known,

I love you oh so dearly,

You are not alone. 


6/24/22. Given fom Jesus. Sharing is encouraged, and thank you for telling others of this website.