I Am Present With You

Tuesday, June 21, 2022

I Am Present With You

I am present with you,

Joined as One are we,

Let go of lonely feelings,

Alone you’ll never be! 

We share in what transpires,

The high times and the low,

Find joy in our togetherness,

In peace, each day, we go. 

Truly, it’s in each other, 

That meaning comes to view,

Transcendent Mind together,

God’s will we strive to do.

Nothing else can measure,

The treasure that we share,

Relationship brings completeness,

True happiness meets us there.

Let go of any worries,

Let go of useless care,

God provides the answers,

His love renews us there. 

I pledge to you my love, dear,

My promise here I give,

That I am ever with you,

Eternally we live.

I am your Risen Savior,

Your brother, guide, your friend,  

Right within your heart, dear,

Our love will never end. 

In closing of this poem, dear,

On this your special, day, 

My present is my presence, 

With you I’ll always stay! 

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