Let ego defense system go...

Sunday, June 5, 2022

From Something On Purpose

Chapter 15

Do not be misled by the whims of ego as it moves as a defense in your mind. It will work to dissuade you from coming into guidance and will look for every opportunity to steer you away from coming into Wholeness there. It serves as a lure and a predator, ever ready to seize the moment to divide and conquer. It serves as a conjurer with a slight of hand, ever ready to deceive. 

The ominous ego that has grown so healthy in your mind and has lived with a voracious appetite to cause disarray and disharmony is capable of the most cruel and heinous acts. Now the call is to recognize that what is there is not a being, nor a thing that is autonomous in its own right. Rather it is a set of strategies, defenses, that have been mastered over the years and have grown as invasive and destructive plants in your beautiful garden, your conscious awareness. 

We will not abandon you to this wily and cunning destroyer of truth. We are here, ready to answer your call and ready to wipe clean the slate of intrusion into whom and what you really are. Now is the time to pay attention to how your ego infiltrates itself into your life and to ignore it and open to receive the life-giving love that is whom you are. Now is the time to let this defense system go and open to receive the light of you. 

Let this chapter on being alert to ego intrusion remind you again of the truth of you. You are never alone there ever, dear one, truly you are never alone. We are with you always, even unto the end of the world. 

Now we will focus on another topic of necessity for you and that is the call for conviction into pursuing your truth, the call for persistence in turning inward and listening and following what you hear. Let this chapter remind you of what to pay attention to and be an affirmation that you are much more. I love you and that is the truth of it. 

No Excuses Needed

You needn’t find excuses,

For failures you’ve defined,

I will never blame you,

Your innocence, I find. 

Let go the guilty burden, 

So heavy on your back, 

Let it go, my dear one,

Release ego’s attack.

I see you not as sinful,

Corruption’s not in sight,

You’re not sin infested,

There is no heavy blight.

I see you with all innocence,

Perfect, whole, and free,

God’s creation manifest,

With pure integrity. 

Excuses are defenses,

Fear-based, they’re ego’s game, 

Played to undermine you,

To stay in charge, their aim.

What really is this ego? 

No real presence there, 

A system of defenses, 

Just puffed up with hot air. 

As you join with Me, dear,

Reality you’ll find, 

The transcendent truth of you, dear,

Pure innocence defined. 

You are God’s point of light there, 

And love is what you are,

You bring His Will to the world, 

You are His shining star. 

No excuses needed,

Just open up to Me, 

Let’s share God’s love to all there, 

Your sacred destiny. 

In closing, let Me tell you,

Our Oneness you have shown,

Your innocence complete,dear,

You are not alone. 


6/4/22. Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged, and thank you for telling others about this website.