Life is meant to be a blessed experience...

Monday, June 20, 2022

From Something On Purpose

Chapter 44 

There is a way to live that carries with it the full embodiment of you there, and moves you forward in the flow of your Source. This way is the way of living out from connection to the greater Wholeness of which you are a part. Moving out from this joined connection to this Wholeness will bring you such joy and such a right-on feeling there. It is truly for you to move forward and live from the bounty and the blessings your Father would have you live. 

You see, we who are working with you, want for you to abandon the separated way and move into your Wholeness. The separated way, the way of the ego, is a way of defensive strategies that you have incorporated as who you are, and yet these strategies, which have guilt and fear as their basis, are not the truth of you in any way. They are not the truth and are illegitimate replacements for the truth of whom you really are. You are not alone there to suffer from the pain of ego defenses, and you are not alone there to live a life of fragmentation and ill health and poor well being. 

You cannot replace the truth of you with the empty promise the ego would give, nor the hollow investment of the material world and its dictates. For though the things of the material world are there, they cannot hold a promise of well being for you as you live. They are empty there and they are truly without the substance to give you the dynamic and fruitful life lived in connection to your lifeline, your true Source there. 

Life is meant to be a blessed experience and filled with the joy and the peace and dynamic forward movement of your mission there. You are not alone to suffer the ego dynamics ever, and as these are abandoned, you will rejoice, dear one. Now the call is for you to quiet your thinking mindset and let your cares and worries go. In that quiet place within, I will connect with you, and I will show you the way. Never alone, there, dear one, truly, never alone. All is well and know that you are deeply loved. Trust is called for and a persistence in staying with the joined perspective. This is the truth, this is the truth. 

A Bright Light Floweth

Streaming forth within you,

A bright light there resides,

Filling you with meaning,

Here living love abides. 

It cannot be extinguished,

It shines perpetually,

No matter how ignored it is, 

It’s there inextricably. 

The light and love are One there,

God’s meaning, there as you,

His point of manifestation, 

Bringing forth the new. 

One Soul, One Light, One Spirit,

This One includes the All,

Means you’re God connected,

To answer to His call.

You, yourself, the answer,

God’s meaning, as you, right there, 

Bringing forth to others,

His will, for you, to share. 

Don’t cover up this light, dear, 

Don’t hide, don’t run astray, 

Pretending you run solo,

So you can have your way. 

’Twill only lead to sadness,

And madness, there you’ll find, 

When the dark imposter ego, 

Messes up your mind. 

It seeks to disengage you, 

From opening up your sight, 

It throws a veil of horror,

To darken love and light. 

You need but turn to Me, dear,

Here you’ll find what’s true, 

The veil of ego disappears,

The light of you comes through.

Let your light shine brightly,

Let love bring forth God’s will,

I’ll be right there within you,

His glory to fulfill. 

In closing let Me tell you.

You are not alone, 

I am with you always, 

Your Friend, forever known.


6/20/22. Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged, and thank you for telling others about the website.