Never Alone Ungrounded

Friday, June 24, 2022

Never Alone Ungrounded

Claim not your independence,

No virtue will this bring,

Dependence on My guidance, 

Brings truth to everything. 

Your separated mindset,

A system of defense,

Claims it, alone, is real there, 

Says Spirit Guide’s nonsense. 

This ego has no roots there, 

It feeds on fear and doubt,

Slings forth its cunning strategy, 

Claims it, alone, has clout.  

Remember it’s not real there,

A fabricated thing,

Made up of your defenses,

When fear rules as your king. 

Dismiss this made up system,

By turning right to Me, 

It will whimper out, dear, 

Its nothingness you’ll see. 

You’re not meant to be solo,

Not meant, alone, to live,

For I am with you always, 

My love to you I give.

Love is the binding agent,

For you, for Me, for all,

God’s meaning fills creation, 

Respond, dear, to My call. 

Love’s the light that leadeth,

God’s meaning shows the way,

That All are One in Spirit,

Inclusiveness rules the day. 

Turn to Me right now, dear,

I’m here and bound so true,

Never alone ungrounded,

Pure love, entwined with you!

6/24/22.  Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged, and thank-you for telling others of this website.