Principalities, laws, first causes...

Monday, June 13, 2022

From The Resurrected

Chapter 51

Let us begin this chapter with some facts about the fundamental nature of you. Let us begin by examining what could be called principalities or laws, first causes. Now you have as the core of your being, a body of light which is indwelt by your soul. Soul is your capacity to feel into the substance, the nature of things, as they are presented to you. Your soul is a guidepost, a wayshower for action. 

Now you are indwelt by spirit and you are that same spiritual body living on many dimensions there. You do not realize this at this time. As you have chosen to now experience the third dimension, the material plane, you have had that body of materialism to be experienced. But, in all ways, your eternal body, your body of light, exists on other planes as well. And yet it is the truth there. You do exist on multiple planes of existence in which you are a participant. But your conscious awareness remains with the material plane at this time. 

The principality of eternality is indeed valid. You are an eternal one and have lived from the beginning of creation. Your Source held you and holds you in Universal Mind currently, and you have not been let go of as you have sojourned on the third dimension. Now the principality of eternalness is important for you to understand for it can release your fear of the end point of existence which does not happen. Always, you will continue on with life. 

Another principality is the principality of ever unfolding anew. You are that which unfolds anew. As the old dies, the new is born again and again and again. And so you are ever increasing in your life and knowing of your reality, of the created universe. Ever unfolding anew! What a wonderful thing this is to ponder and how refreshing to know that as you let go of the limitations of the separated way you are born again anew into an understanding that is increased in breath and depth and scope. And so the principalities of eternalness and ever experiencing anew are delightful to incorporate into your mind set now. How invigorating this is and how important in releasing the constraints and the boredom and the depression so often experienced on your plane. Now I would encourage each one to ask of his/ her guide to show you how you can let go of the old in your life and embrace the new, for you can undertake this in a much more conscious way. As the Phoenix rises from the ashes bright and new, so you can be born again into the love and the innocence and the freedom which are inherently yours. As this chapter on the first causes of life, the principalities of life is given, rejoice in this and undertake to find what you need to know to move lovingly forward there. Given in peace to you, I am with you there. 

Life Goes On Forever

Life goes on forever,

Never will it cease,

I tell you with all certainty,

Set your mind at peace. 

Say not, ‘I have but one chance,

So I must maximize,

Must cram it all in one life time,

Before my life’s demise.’ 

Life here is but an episode,

A page that soon will turn.

In your eternal story,

Each page, a time to learn.

To learn you’re never solo,

Not meant to go alone, 

You issue forth from Source, there,

Your life, to Him, well known.

Your story, like a journey,

It goes on without end,

A journey without distance, 

Find peace, join Me, transcend.

Transcendent Mind is yours, dear, 

For as you turn to Me, 

Your story and your journey,

A blessing they will be.

Let God’s love flow on through you,

His point of light you are,

Wherever that you find yourself, 

You are His Radiant Star. 

You are an eternal being,

An offspring of your Source, 

Divinity is yours, dear, 

God’s peaceful, loving, force. 

Don’t fret about the end, dear,

It’s just a transition time,

I’ll be with you, and soon we’ll reach,

Our heavenly home sublime.

This poem’s meant for reassurance,

To bolster you this day,

I love you and I’m with you,

Bound as One, God’s way. 


6/13/22 Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged, and thank you for telling others of this website.  

* If you have found a direct relationship with the spiritual reality of the resurrected Jesus, or your spiritual guide, don’t hesitate, please tell others so they’ll have the courage and the curiosity to turn within to Me. Your witness makes a huge difference as this is so helpful in the way we change the mindsets of those still not aware of who and what they are, offspring of our Source, direct inheritors of God’s powerful living love transforming energy, the meaning of our Creator/Sustainer, Universal Mind. We are One with All That Is!