Releasing of the burdens and joy will be felt...

Thursday, June 23, 2022

From Something On Purpose

Chapter 29 

What will the movement look like as you live out from Source, the joined way? What will life be like and will it be a life that will make a difference there? These are questions we will look at in this chapter. 

Your movement, your mindset, and your activity will be that which could be called normal there, for you will be engaged in the activities of everyday life. But now you will have the lens through which you view everything changing, as it brings into your every day experience, the joined perspective, and eventually, the will of your Source, completely. 

This will take time as the separated mind set is ingrained and the habits are reinforced by your society there. But as you listen and follow what is given, the joined perspective will become the only way forward there. How wonderful this will be for you as you now experience life that flows smoothly and easily forward, with the benefits of your choices felt by all those you come in contact with. 

Your lens will clear and the view from the Wholeness of you will be of such joy and peace for you. I can tell you that your movement forward will feel like a breeze and will be filled with peace and love, light and joy. 

Now will come the great releasing of the burdens you have carried for so long, as you feel the joined perspective and the Wholeness of you bearing the responsibilities and providing the safety and the stability of the true Source of you. No longer will you feel vulnerable and without a place to turn to get your answers there. No longer will you yearn for excitement in your life as your life will feel so full and complete in the joined perspective. The right-on feeling will be yours, and the can-do and the know-how will come forth. These are not idle promises, dear one, truly these are not idle promises. 

You will be impactful in your life and you will be as one who brings great boon and blessing to your others there. Now you must trust, you must trust there. All is well, all is well there. Now is the time to bring to your life, involvement from the divine, who and what you really are. Never alone, dear one, truly, never alone. I love you and that is the truth of it. 

Today Is Like No Other

Today is like no other,

Though familiar it may seem,

Seems but a repetition,

Another ripple in life’s stream. 

Your coffee and your breakfast,

The morning’s same routine, 

Seems nothing changes much there, 

Much yawning in between.

Yet within your simple pattern, 

Your Mind holds all that’s new,

Transcendence’s living love there,

Brings freshness through to you. 

It is a day unique there

If you but turn to Me, 

For there within your Mind, dear, 

Life flows authentically.

Joined with your Transcendence,

We’ll open up the door,

Living love will usher forth,

Its purpose to restore. 

A day restored to newness,

Holds such potential there, 

We expect the unexpected,

Curiosity fills the air. 

Today is like no other,

Because you’e joined with Me, 

Stay joined with joy forever, 

Here’s where your meant to be. 

Boredom can’t be found here, 

Depression has no place,

Joyless repetition,

Is vanished with God’s grace, 

Be with Me this day, dear,

Each step I’m there with you,

Love will lead us onward, 

God’s newness coming through. 


6/23/22. Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged and thank you for telling others of this website.