Right evaluation of your worth...

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

From The Resurrected

Chapter 30

Who are you? Is your life that which has abiding meaning? For you are truly a being of significance to the Wholeness, the Allness, the Source there and as you are able to understand, then you will have the right evaluation of your worth and your significance. Now it is something to take note of. It is something to reaffirm daily or perhaps many times a day. For as the words sink into your deeper consciousness, you will then find the increased value of each one. For none are left out. None are forgotten there. Each one, each created being is a part of that same Wholeness, and is of inextricable value, for it is in cherishing the Whole, that the blessings can be felt. 

We are meant to be that which lives from the place of love. Now what does this mean in practical, every day terms? Well, it means that as you go about your daily life you abide with the spirit within and turn there for the input as to how to live. In the most minute decisions of life, the spirit of truth is there to guide you. And it is in the resounding rightness of this that you will continue on. For you will feel the rightness, the purposefulness, and the fulfillment, as you do so live from this reality of you. 

Now the need to find that connection is real and should not be dismissed, dear one. The need to find that place of correct input, true transmission, and righteous receiving should be explored with diligence. You will find,that connection as you do so commit, and as you do so persevere. Now it is not difficult, but it does require a diligence and a perseverance that can be cultivated as you let go of the striving mind set and the thinking mind set which would belittle the idea as superstitious or wishful thinking. 

You must trust that what you are doing and are engaged in is of great value, and you must persist in the quieting of your busy mind set and the asking in of your spiritual guidance. Your guide is there and your own right mind, the holy spirit within is there and I am there to guide you. We are a Wholeness and we are not separate. And yet, there is identity of each one. Not in a conglomeration or loss of identity, but in claiming the true identity and in claiming the way of the Creator, the Source, are you brought into your right mind and your forward movement. We are One, dear one, truly we are One. Now you can count on this, for it is really the truth. Let these words be heard within, and let them not be dismissed there. Now we will further explore a situation that you may come up against as you do so turn inward. That is the next chapter, so let us proceed onward there. 

Intrinsic Value

You have intrinsic value, 

Not based on what you’ve done,

Inherent in your being, 

Because with God you’re One.

Do not feel incidental,

As just another face,

You’re priceless to your Maker, 

His jewel, of brilliant grace! 

Not separate to be judged there,

Nor held out at arm’s length, 

God’s bound with you in Oneness,   

Pours forth His love, His strength. 

 When others have forgotten,

You’re left as one aside,

Turn your mind to Me, dear, 

My arms are open wide. 

Don’t wallow in self pity,

No call for feeling low,

I hold you there as family, 

My love, so well, you know.

Try reaching out to others,

Put forth your love, your joy,

’Twill be a certain antidote,

To ego’s caustic ploy. 

Loneliness will cease there,

As love sets all things right,

Gone is all unworthiness,

You’re perfect in God’s sight. 

So raise you eyes to mine, dear,

Let love’s light lead the way,

Together, we’ll move forward.

In joy, as One, each day. 

You have intrinsic value,

You’re vital there to Me, 

I will love you always, 

We’re joined, eternally. 


6/22/22 Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged and thank you for telling other of this website.