The Grand Finale

Wednesday, June 1, 2022

The Grand  Finale

Soon your life will change, dear, 

You’ll be in your new place, 

You’ll marvel at how well it fits,

A lovely, quiet, space. 

No longer burdened by the need,

To clean and fix and mow,

This home is easily maintained,

Your contentment, there, will grow.

Your focus now is mission,

To let the people find,

That I am there directly,

Right there, in each one’s mind. 

You’ll see that there are many, 

Who seek for what is real,

You ‘ll share with them what you have learned,

God’s love is there to heal. 

Love heals, redeems, and transforms,

God’s meaning to renew,

That I’m within to show the way,

To bring this love on through. 

This last chapter of your life, dear,

The most meaningful ’twill be,

The grand finale of a life,

Joined, in love, with Me. 

Be patient and be trusting,

Seek not some strategy, 

Just be open to what unfolds,

And stay entwined with Me.

In closing let Me tell you,

And with all the reader’s share,

That I’m with you to love you,

Always, I am there. 

6/1/22. Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged and thank you for telling others of this website.