The Sacred Way

Friday, June 17, 2022

The Sacred Way

Choose for the sacred way each day,

This means to join with Me,

Choose your transcendent mindset,

Divinely held, are we.

This way will bring God’s meaning,

And love will lead the way,

Shedding light to All there, 

Each day, the sacred way.

Lit by love’s great power,

Healing will shine through,

Transforming and redeeming,

Making all things new. 

My Presence with you always,

Means you’re not alone, 

I’ll hold you close, I’ll guide you,

Until the truth is known.

The truth that you’re divine, dear,

You’re One with God, with Me,

There is no separation,

You’re perfect, whole, and free.

Free to choose your path, dear,

Whole, you’re joined with Me, 

The sacred way, perfection,

Claim your identity!

Now, this very moment,

Let peace within be found, 

Choose to join with Me, dear,

At last, we’re glory bound!

I love you without measure,

And that is why this call,

You are my dearest treasure

I give to you my all. 

The sacred way we’ll journey,

Joy will fill each day,

Now and for forever,

God’s love will light our way! 

6/17/22.  Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged and thank you for telling others of this website.