There is a Power

Wednesday, June 15, 2022

There Is A Power

There is a power unbeknownst

To many there on earth,

Its function is renewal,

To give to all rebirth. 

Living love’s this power,

God’s substantive energy,

Radiant in its glory,

Pure connectivity.

It is, in fact, God’s meaning, 

To each He does bestow,

All That He Is, completely,

So that each will know.

You are His beloved child,

Held perfect, whole, and free,

Living love incarnate, 

Love’s universality.

The power of redemption,

The power to renew,

The power of all healing,

Transformation’s there for you.

I am right within you,

I’m standing at the door,

To open wide this meaning, 

 You’ll hunger, never more.

I’ll show you how your mindset,

When in peace you ask Me in,

Joins with God’s great meaning,

Love’s power will begin. 

Now joy fills up your heart, dear,

We move as One each day,

Love heals your lonely heart, dear,

Companions all the way. 

Life becomes a privilege,

A way to bring God’s will,

To all your brothers and sisters,

Love’s bounty to fulfill. 

In closing I state simply,

I love you as you are, 

Love incarnate, dear one, 

You are God’s shining star.  

 6/15/22. Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged and thank you for telling others of this website.