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Wednesday, June 8, 2022

From Something On Purpose

Chapter 25 

As you begin this chapter and as you move into that place of reception there, trust that you will hear what will move you lovingly forward. We can tell you that we are aware of you and we are aware of the openness to which you have come. We are aware of the openness to hear and the receptive mindset that you are in. Now the penetration of the divine will bring you into a flow of such rightness for you and such evenness of experience, that you will know that what comes forth is correct for you in all ways. 

No longer will you be involved in the guessing game of life, nor in the search for stimulus and excitement there. You are now in the flow of your divine self, and here you will return again and again as the appropriateness is so obvious to you. Here in the quiet place of your divine self will be felt the transformative release of the burden of going it alone and the stress and the strain of living from separation. 

You see, you are not alone there ever. You are not alone there and you are met with the loving guidance of whom and what you really are. You will embrace this relationship as nothing you have embraced before, and you will hold onto the experience of it as it brings such relief and such a shared way of living there. We can tell you that togetherness is the very nature of you and is the only way to live there. You see, you are always joined with your Wholeness. You are always joined with the fulness of whom and what you are. Call on your Wholeness, call on me, and call on your Source to live with you each step of the way. 

Now is the time to validate and verify to you that you are in connection there and to give you the experience that will be so ‘right on’ for you. Truly, you are not alone there ever, dear one, truly you are not alone there ever. Let in and allow, for indeed, we are One. 

This Day We Have Together

We’ve traveled down the highways,

And byways of your life,

We’ve seen the peaks and valleys,

Felt happiness and strife.

The journey’s still not over,

Though coming soon to close,

There’s still a lot to live there,

Before your last repose. 

You’ve listened to My guidance, 

And often turned to Me, 

You’ve found what gives you meaning,

It’s love that is the key.

You know you’re not alone there,

I’m here, with others, too, 

Who love you and support you,

In bringing mission through.

Each step leads to another,

Until we reach that place,

Where fulfillment fills your heart, dear, 

Then home, we’ll go, in grace. 

You’ve given books and poems, each day,

And messages, came through,

They’re there as simple witness, 

To My Presence there with you. 

Know that I am with you,

Intertwined as One are we, 

You’ll never be alone dear,

Through all eternity. 

This day we have together,

So close, in love, are we,

Let’s rapture in each other,

Pure joy, sweet harmony!


6/8/22 .Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged. Please tell others about this website. Thanks.