True Value

Sunday, June 26, 2022

True Value

Riches in abundance,

Wealth beyond one’s need,

Seems everyone’s desire,

This culture pushes greed. 

Yet many who have riches,

Still are not at peace,

They spend their time in strategies,

To make their wealth increase. 

True happiness evades them,

Contentment’s not in mind,

Caught up in vast consumption,

They seek but they don’t find. 

Now I’m not saying that poverty,

Is a virtue to pursue, 

I’m not advocating austerity,

Nor to live as poor ones do. 

I’m saying that true happiness,

True joy, contentment, peace, 

Comes from a life lived joined there,

With what will never cease.

Joined with Me within, dear,

I’m standing at the door,

Where love pours forth it riches,

God’s meaning, evermore. 

Nothing has more value,

As love’s energy so true,

It heals, redeems, transforms, dear, 

God’s meaning renews you. 

Completeness now is present,

You hunger, long, no more,

You listen for God’s will for you,

And let God’s love outpour.

Your needs will all be met, dear,

Deep peace within your mind, 

Love will heal all brokenness, 

Oneness is what you’ll find. 

Oneness with all others,

Oneness with your Source,

There is no separation,

With Love, God’s mighty force. 

In closing, you’re my treasure,

Priceless, you’re my own,

I love you  beyond measure,

You are not alone! 

6/26/22. Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged, and thank you for telling others of this website.