You will marvel at what unfolds...

Friday, June 3, 2022

From Something On Purpose

Chapter 20 

Trust is called for in your daily life. There will be times when the reality of the Holy Spirit as there for you will seem distant and will seem as unrelated to your life. For you will have fallen into old habits of thinking. It takes persistence to stay with the joined perspective, and it takes commitment to living out from this way. 

As old patterns intrude and as old ways of finding joy there become as vacuous in their meaning, you will turn here again and again, for the mindset of joining brings such integrity to your life and such forward movement, there. As you stay with this and as you bring to bear on your life, the way of Source there, you will marvel as things unfold so perfectly for you, in all ways that you could have never dreamed of, nor planned there. 

You will marvel at what unfolds, and you will joy in the relationship that is always there to love you and guide you. Truly, you are never alone as you live and you have as your companion, one who loves you and brings the intelligence of the universe as a resource for you. Right there, will unfold the intelligence of the universe and moving forward as one joined. The strength of this partnership will be felt, and the joy of journeying with companions who have only your best interest at heart will bring such bounty and such blessing to you. 

Now this is not pie-in-the-sky, nor a fairy tale to wish for. It is real, dear one, truly it is real, there. We will not abandon you ever, for you are a part of us and we are a part of you and together all will be accomplished. All will be felt as the joyful journey into forward movement there. You are not alone, dear one, truly, you are not alone there ever. As this chapter closes, turn inward and ask for that dear companion to be felt and known. Ask that you be shown the right way there. We are here for you always, and we will never let you go alone to suffer the pitfalls of a life lived in separation there. We are with you always, and we are truly joined in love and companionship there. Never alone, truly, never alone. 

True Wisdom Within

Wisdom dwells within you,

Wise words are there to heed,

What comes forth may surprise you,

It, so well, fits the need!

Don’t choose from your reactions,

From what you think you know,

Stop and turn to Me, dear,

And ask which way to go. 

I see who’s all involved there,

I have the entire view,

What harms or hurts, helps or heals,

In what you say and do.

When you turn within, to Me,

And hear what’s right for you,

You’ll have no second guessing,

You’ve heard what’s clearly true. 

Doubt will disappear there,

The guessing game is done,

Knowing God’s great wisdom,

Serves All, as we are ONE.

It’s never just for you, dear, 

When you turn to Me,

Choosing for God’s wisdom,

Impacts the Entirety.

So stop and turn within, dear,

Remember when you do,

God’s living love will shine there—

Lead others onward, too.  

In closing I will tell you,

This wisdom you have known,

I am with you always,

You are not alone.



6/3/22  Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged, and thank you for telling others of this website.