Your Atonement

Monday, June 6, 2022

Your Atonement

Wake up! Wake up!

Come out of your dream,

You’re missing reality,

Love’s energy stream!

Wake up! Wake up!

Claim who you are,

God’s direct inheritor,

His Shinning Star.

Wake up! Wake up!

You’re One with the All,

Turn within to Me, dear,

Please answer My call. 

I’m calling you home, dear,

Right where you belong,

To live with Me joyously,

Singing love’s song.  

I’m not talking about dying,

Or leaving the earth, 

Right there in Mind, dear,

You’ll find your rebirth. 

As you awaken,

You’ll find you’re reborn,

No longer a stranger,

Not broken, forlorn.

You’ll find you are whole, dear,

Yes, perfect and free, 

Awaken to Oneness,

Awaken to Me. 

Now we’ll find joy, dear,

We’re One as God willed,

Rapturing in love, dear,

With peace we are filled. 

Wake up to glory!

Feel your rebirth,

Your At-One-ment with God, dear,

His Child on earth! 

6/6/22 Given From Jesus. Sharing is encouraged and thank you for telling others about this website.