Your days will be as pearls on a string...

Saturday, June 11, 2022

From Something On Purpose

Chapter 47 

    Move lightly through your day and feel into your knowing mindset, there. As you move lightly through your day, and listen with intention to what comes forth, you will marvel at how smoothly and wonderfully your day occurs. It will seem as a light and easy experience and it will seem as that which has seemed burdensome in the past, now is much less difficult. You will bring a different mindset there, and you will move through whatever you are involved in with ease. Now the days will be as pearls on a string and as diamonds to enjoy. They will be as precious to you and as priceless, for they are exquisite in their perfection. Now you will feel the togetherness, and in this togetherness will you joy in the journey of your life. 

I can tell you that those of us who are working with you are enjoying you, also. It is not only you who are the receiver, but you are the giver as you join, for we can enjoy your life, too. We are looking for every opportunity to break the shackles of the separated way and to show you the joined way, the connected way, there. Soon the shackles of separation will be as the nothingness they are, and the Oneness that is you will be known as the only way. I can tell you we are looking forward to this awakened state, and we are working mightily there to bring you into this divine state, your original way of being there. 

It is as you allow for and as you open to, that the way will be made plain. Now we would suggest to you that you put this book down and quiet your thinking mindset. Ask that we be made known to you and ask that you be given verification that you are in connection. We will hear you and we will verify to you that you are not alone there, ever. Now is the time, dear one, truly, now is the time. Let the movement be one of listening and allowing and trusting. We can tell you that you are One with us and we love you there. Let your mindset feel as one joined, and in this is the forward way. All is well, all is well. We love you and in that is the truth of it. 

The Greatest Gift

The greatest gift God gives us, 

Is not wrapped in silver and gold,

Has not a dollar value,

Not tangible to hold.

The greatest gift is Jesus, 

His Presence there within, 

He opens us to Oneness,

Lets living love pour in. 

His ever-present patience,

Waits ’til we come around,

Says, “ I will never leave you,”

With Him, true love is found.

God’s gift that keeps on giving,

His meaning pure and true,

Jesus, the Gift, the Giver,

Bestows Himself on you. 

Open to receive Him,

Such treasure there awaits,

Beneficence without measure, 

Such kindness, He relates. 

Once you’ve opened to Him,

And felt His love for you, 

Such joy will be what fills your heart,

Each day you’ll feel brand new! 

A gift that stays unopened,

Cannot its giver give, 

Open up to Me, dear, 

I’ll teach you how to live.

I’ll teach you that you’re much more, 

Than you now think you are,

You are God’s point of light there,

 His Own, His Love, His Star. 

In closing let me tell  you,

I’m here within it’s true,

Waiting for your opening,

I give Myself to you.  


6/11/22  Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged, and thank you for telling others about this website