A Credible Witness

Sunday, July 17, 2022

A Credible Witness

You’ve witnessed in your own life,

My Presence there with you,

How life has gone so smoothly,

When guidance’s followed through.

You’ve witnessed what it feels like, 

To have Me as your guide,

We joy with the Transcendent,

With love, we do abide. 

Miracles a plenty,

Have come forth frequently,

What seemed as just impossible, 

Was what came to be!

Not once or twice this happened,

But often answers came, 

Needs were met most graciously,

Blessings came like rain. 

You’ve witnessed to these miracles,

You’ve shared my friendship, too,

Tell others what you’ve known, dear,

So they can know Me, too. 

You see it takes a witness, 

One touched by love from Me, 

To stimulate an interest,

Bring forth curiosity. 

I’m not like a magician,

No trickery is here,

Living love’s the reason,

Why miracles appear.

Living love’s, God’s meaning, 

His energy sublime,

Heals, renews, transforms, dear,

Bypasses earthly time. 

All can open to this, 

I’m standing at the door,

Knock and it shall be opened, 

This love is what’s in store. 

We’ll witness to the others,

Through love we All are One,

’Til All awake to Oneness,   

Love’s power, just begun!

7/17/22. Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged and thank you for telling others of this website.