A Day of Promise

Saturday, July 9, 2022

A Day of Promise

The day dawns clear and sunny,

And joy fills up my heart,

This day holds forth such promise,

Feels like a brand new start.

Today’s an ‘open house’ day,

My house is up for sale,

Perhaps today a buyer,

God’s will, it will prevail.

Spiritual involvement,

Always a reality,

Brings peace to what unfolds here,

Brings forth sweet harmony.

I’ll share this day with daughter,

She brings her charm and light,

Always such a pleasure,

When she is in my sight. 

Jesus, I say thank you,

For being here with me, 

Your Presence is my measure,

Of pure tranquility. 

Worries, cares, begone now,

Let love light up the way,

This is God’s very meaning,

His love transforms the day. 

Love’s power can move a mountain, 

Can paint the sky so blue,

Can find a buyer for this home,

Then get me settled, too. 

In closing, I tell others,

You are so well known,

Jesus is right there for you,

You are not alone! 

7/9/22 Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged, and thank you for  telling others of this website.